Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Dairy Challenge, an Update

I had a moment of weakness yesterday and reached for Greek-fruit bottomed yogurt. Oh man I still totally want some, just not as strongly as yesterday. I told Prawn that I was going to eat it and just post on my blog that I had a little slip up, no biggie. I wasn't cheating on the diet because I am allowed dairy and since I am leaving for Florida so soon, and I'm sure I'll eat yogurt down there, that it was okay. I had might as well just quit anyways. I have been strong for 17 days so why can't I just have one, a slip up isn't bad.

Etc etc.

Just rationalizing it to myself made it okay.

Prawn made me feel guilty (as he should have) and I ended up leaving Walmart with none of my delicious snack :(

In retrospect, I am really glad he stepped in and stopped me, but I was pissy with him all night and I feel badly about it.

I just reeaaaaally wanted some. I was starving after work, had huge hunger pangs and there were no deli chickens left, anyways, yesterday just sucked.

I ended up coming home and he made us turkey-meat loaf which was okay... it wasn't greek-fruit bottomed yogurt though, yummy! :( I can't wait until these 30 days are over but I really need to make a mental note to not go crazy, ease myself into eating dairy. Maybe limit myself to a certain quantity per day. I'll figure it out later, still another 13 days of this Challenge to go.

I'm thinking about challenging myself in other small ways. I will be doing the J & J Project on my return, which will be a challenge in itself, but maybe another small 30 day challenge would be cool.

There are a few things I would like to work on... I could:

- Cut Out Diet Pop for 30 days

I drink way too much diet pop. Not consistently but when I do buy the 2L bottles I usually go through 4L - 8L a night.

-Another Dairy Challenge (No Yogurt for 30 Days)

I'm actually pretty afraid of going back to my way-too-much yogurt habit... I would eat several tubs of greek yogurt or just regular yogurt, plain or fruit flavored a night, consistently.

-No Deli Chickens for 30 Days

Not only are they fatty and sit in their fat for probably hours... but I have to admit, I can't - not eat the skin, so delicious... they are also pretty expensive.

-12 Weeks of Solid Works Outs - 5X a Week Minimum and Exercise Everyday

This is the challenge I should be doing. I am really unhappy with my physique and need to be doing this... but this would be the hardest one to do and the one I would most likely fail at, since i have failed at it hundreds of times before and have REALLY no motivation. so basically, I'm scared to do this one.

Why 12 weeks? Well apparently it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

Opinions? Which do you think  should do, and if you think I should do the working out challenge... what is the secondary one I should do? :P

I wish I had the willpower to do all of these. To just go nuts and deprive myself of all these things that I have turned to instead of carbs and sugar. Maybe I can try, I am just afraid that not only would I be setting myself up for failure, but if I fail I will just quit the "Better-ing Myself Challenges" altogether instead of starting off slowly as I did with the Dairy Challenge.

Wish me luck!



  1. Hello! I just came your way via Mel's blog - I love reading your posts!

    One thing about the yoghurt - if you're able to find fat free fromage frais, this might really help you - it's a super tasty treat, really versatile too. We use it as a sour cream replacement for fajitas (I don't have the tortillas but my other half does, and loves the fromage frais) and when you add some sweetener it's super tasty! You can also stew up some rhubarb for a yummy yoghurt-and-fruit combo - .

    Another thing about exercise - I saw a VERY interesting show on BBC2 the other night, called The Truth About Exercise, on the Horizons slot. One of the conclusions was that just 3 minutes per week of TOP LEVEL intensive exercise in 20 second bursts, can do more good for things like your insulin resistance, than 4 hours of moderate exercise per week. Try adding in 20 second bursts of gut wrenching exercise into your routine - this will also help burn up the glycogens in your muscles and keep you more in Ketosis. :)

    Definitely find that show on the Beeb if you have access to a proxy which will allow you to watch iPlayer.

    Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea! I love finding new Dukan blogs! :)

    Charlotte xx

    1. I have seen a couple posts about fat free fromage frais but I don't think it is availlable up here in Canada, I have not seen any, or heard of it.

      Hmmmmm that's really interesting. I will try adding that to my workout routine when I come up with what I would like to do. Just go crazy for a few seconds, that's not hard to maintain.

      I'm glad you like the blog :) I love finding new ones as well.


    2. In Canada its called fat free cottage cheese. :)

  2. You might want to check out Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Body diet, which means he spends 4 hours a month (that's not a typo!) working out. It involves using kettle bells 3x a week for 20min, and maybe 5min of ab work 3x a week. His diet is slow-carb, so also no fruit, no grains, but beans are OK. I think changing your physique is good motivation, but you may have to start with shorter workouts at home, it's so easy to not get to the gym, and having a set of kettlebells takes almost no space. I just saw Jillian Michael's new home workout system on TV at 2:30AM, it's only 30min a day.

    I would also cut out the diet pop. It's SOOOOOOO bad for you! It usually inhibits fat loss, which didn't seem to happen to you, luckily, but you've just got to move to water or selzer. If you like flavors and bubbles, there's plenty of flavored selzer to choose from.

    1. I love how you need to specify it's not a typo :P 4 hours a month seems so weird :S
      I have kettlebells at home actually, well one 10 lbs one. I have heard it's the best workout. There is a class availlable but it's 45-50 minutes away from my home :(

      I adore Jillian Michael's... I want her as my personal trainer. Like so badly.

      Everyone is always telling me just how terrible pop is, It's on my list of things to cut out, sometimes it's difficult though, knowing that drinking it in large quantities wont make me gain weight but will curb my cravings, you know? Like I could eat something, but anything I eat absently could make me gain, pop would not.

      I have been trying to cut down though, switching to water during the weeks. But it's so easy to make the excuse that I am on vacation right now :P


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