Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Clothes Shopping - Before and After Weight Loss

So I'm all smiles right now, want to share this experience with you.
I have basically been shopping for two days straight, and I'm all smiles and nothing can bring me down. Absolutely nothing.

So, this is my second year coming to Florida around this time of year. Last year I went clothes shopping one day, found this plus-sized store called Torrid that we don't have in Canada. Super-cute clothing, worst shopping experience of my life. I was in the store for hours, trying on everything to find something that fit me, this was at my absolute heaviest. I bought quite a few pieces, for way too much money (as plus sized clothing usually is) and in this shopping trip I bought a pair of skinny jeans, my first pair ever... a size 24.

I still have these jeans at home... I should post a picture when I get home.

Anyways, I remember crying in the changeroom. I remember being embarassed, frustrated, annoyed. Hating myself. I was impatient with my grandmaman who was shopping with me. I was not in a good mood. When I was finished we left the mall and didn't do any clothes shopping at all afterword. I didn't want to, I wanted to hide.

In comparison, the last two days have been absolutely amazing. I had not bought any summer clothing in Canada since... well our winter just started basically, and I knew it would be less expensive down here. So I came with only a few t-shirts and light pants, with the hopes of finding a few pairs of shorts here. Oh my gosh, if I had only known :D

The feeling of going into any store, absolutely any store and not only fitting into their clothing, but not being the biggest size, not having to reach to the back of the rack to pick out that XL praying they had a 2X or that the material would be stretchy... the feeling of walking out the change room and showing, with pride any piece of clothing because they all look damn good and fit well because I'm THIN... I can't explain it, but it's probably one of the best feelings in the world. I'm tearing up just talking about it, I never want to stop shopping!

I fit in cute stuff, short stuff, and I looked good! I fit in smalls, mediums and you will never guess... I bought a pair of jeans... size 4!

I have never owned short shorts, ever. I bought 6 pairs XD
I bought a pair of colored jeggings... I would never wear color on my bottom, are you kidding me? And draw attention to it? No way. But no, all my shorts are bright, my pants are purple, I don't need to hide my legs.

I feel so confident right now, so good about myself. I spent a little less than I spent last year but I have a whole new WARDROBE, not just a few pieces, I wasn't forced to spend 60$ on a dress because it's the only thing that fit me, I chose what I wanted and what I looked good in! I'm so happy!

Now, all that confidence aside, my legs are still hideous and on our way home from day 2 of shopping I kindof got a pang, I have huge veins that go through my legs and are very visible. They never left after I lost the weight. My legs are pasty white, and because of the loose skin are very jiggly... Idk if buying all those short shorts was the best idea. But I will definetally start working out right? I will get my legs into the kind of shape I want them to be in and for now, everyone in Florida better watch their eyes because my legs are seriously blinding.

You know what though, my legs are pretty disgusting, and I'm really embarassed by them... but it's not even kindof on the same level as how I felt about being overweight. I am just so so so happy. I just need to work on my physique, no biggie.

Nothing can bring me down from this :) I feel great!



  1. Hey, you're even smaller than you thought! Psst, go to Nordstrom or an Intimacy for a bra fitting while you are in Florida -- no way are you a 36 band size at a size 4, more likely a 32 or even smaller!

  2. I remember the first time in recent history when I was able to go into a store and buy a pair of jeans ... like not order a plus size online, but actually *go into a store, a normal people store* and buy them after trying them on.
    I literally cried ...!

  3. That is AWESOME!!! Isn't it a great feeling??

  4. Your legs didn't look that bad from your bikini shot, and I don't care how you angle that camera ! :-)

  5. Love your Blog! I have felt your pain as my heaviest weight was 240 pounds! I am also doing Dukan and I've got 20-30 lbs to lose still. I noticed too when I was heavier that there was a lack of pretty clothing in Plus sizes. I just recently found out that Avon sells the same outfits for smaller individuals also in Plus sizes up to 3x! If someone on this blog wants to look nice without the extra expense while they lose the weight, try checking out Avon"s brochures and outlet magazines or visit my online store www.youravon.com/cduke open 24 hours a day online with direct shipment to your door anywhere in the U.S.!