Monday, 12 March 2012

Worried Your Partner May Cheat While You Are Away

So I left Prawn, my diet partner, all the way back in Canada for this trip. He is on my mind and I hope he is being successful with the diet and making good decisions.

This isn't the first time we have been apart while on Dukan, he went camping for a week with his friends during the summer and I went to New Brunswick for a week with my family in September. Both times we both avoided cheating even with the distance and lack of communication.

This time is a little different because it's the longest time we have been apart while dieting. It also has me uneasy because a couple weeks before I left he restarted phase 1 instead of continuing with phase 3 with me because he feels the weight he consolidated at wasn't low enough for his taste.

So we are not on the same phase in the diet anymore. It feels as if we have lost some of that strength and partnership since we are no longer sharing the same experience and I worry while I'm away.

My advice to you if you and your partner are separated because of a trip either of you is taking, based on my two previous experiences:

Trust in your partner. You have to remember that you have spent quite a bit of time away from each other already (assuming you don't spend every waking minute with each other) you are both capable human beings able to make your own decisions. Neither of you controls what the other eats every meal of every day.

If your partner can make good decisions daily while you are in the country, s/he can make them while you are gone as well.

You are not your partner, your decisions don't reflect each other. Your purpose is to support one another but if your partner slips up, whether or not you are on vacation, it doesn't reflect on you because your partner is his or her own entity. While on vacation, if communication is impossible, don't worry and focus on your own dieting. The worst that will happen is your partner will cheat on the diet, you will come home and set them straight. Your results will not be harmed and you can both continue on your dieting journeys.

And the last thing to remember, is that if your partner was going to cheat on the diet, they would most likely  do so whether or not you were on vacation. So relax, enjoy your time.

I will be enjoying mine!


PS: I don't think Prawn reads my blog, but I hope the drives to and from work haven't been too lonely for him and I can't wait to be back :)

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  1. Congratulations on your amazing Dukan journey. If you've seen my blog, I tried it last year, and it worked great, despite my very very very light-version of it. I only had a total of 7kg to loose, it sounds so easy seeing you have lost around 50!! but ... i strayed... anyway, I am back, and I've read your blog... congratulations!! see you around!! :o)