Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Prawn

I don't speak much of Prawn on my blog, a little mention here and there, his before and after pictures are alongside mine up above, he even wrote a section for my Loose Skin post, but no formal introduction has been given.

So I would like to dedicate this post to The Prawn.

Prawn and I met 5 years ago, he is the Mr. Big to my Carrie Bradshaw if you will (for all you Sex and the City fans reading my blog). We live together and are really, truly best friends.

Prawn is the one who pushed me to start this diet. One day at home I was really really down on my weight and crying. I was ashamed of how I looked. He told me I had to do this and that he would follow it as well, for as long as I stuck with it.

He, of course, assumed I would do as I have always done, follow the diet for 3 days or less and then quit. He assumed we would be off the diet and onto eating as we regularly would within a week.
He was wrong!

Still, he has stuck with the diet for these long 9 months (and counting) and has had phenomenal results. When I hit my goal weight, Prawn went onto consolidation with me. He had lost an impressive 105lbs on the diet. After a few weeks on phase 3 he decided, completely on his own (I'm so proud!) to restart the Dukan Diet and lose another 50lbs, so he can be down to a comfortable 200lbs.

He had decided about a year before we started Dukan to lose 100 lbs. He grew a beard and said when the weight loss was over he would shave it off. After several failed attempts at losting the weight he finally achieved his goal and shaved his beard (over a year and a half after growing it) and I could finally see his face again!

Of course now that he has restarted Dukan he is growing the beard back. I can only hope he loses the 50 lbs quickly while his motivation is up and so the world and I can see his gorgeous face again.

It is weird being on two different phases of the diet right now. I always forget he cannot have the bread, cheese, and fruit additions. We can't enjoy our celebration meals together anymore. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to taste the new varieties that are allowed in consolidation and then to throw those away and go back to the monotony that phase 2 had become.

I am really proud of The Prawn and wish him the best of luck at losing his last 50 lbs.

Tonight we are going for an hour long walk. I am so excited, we don't ever do that, either alone or together... walking? Pfft, that's for people with less busy schedules.

I figure it would be a great way to catch up on our lives, chit-chat and get a teensy bit of exercise in. I'm really excited for it, I just want to be home and get walking!



  1. Its great that you both have such an awesome support system, makes it so much easier. Big Congrats to Prawn for having the courage to reach his goal, he must really want it, to leave Consolidation and start Cruise again! Blows my mind. What willpower..... xoxo

  2. Hello!! Congrats to you and The Prawn on your diet, your blogging and your mutual support.
    I have been browsing throuhg old post and I found the one about doing Dukan kindof... I agree with your points (more or less) and what I have actually been doing is my "Dukan Kindof" diet:

    - cutting out ALL carbs, all fruits
    - I only drink wine if I find myself in a situation of "having" to drink alcohol
    - I do cook with olive oil (just a tea spoon of it)
    - No sauces or dessings except for virgin olive oil and vinegar in my salads
    - one celebration meal a week according to the phase 3 rules
    - PV if eating out even if it is on a PP day (makes it easier to order and is less frustrating)

    I am not a good example of extraordinary weight loss but i did manage to have a slow but steady weight loss last year after the summer. I realy admire those of you who follow it to the letter without EVER cheating.

    Congrats again and ... wow... those before and after pics are amazing.