Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Gaining Weight but Working Out, Muscle Gain? – Reader Question

"...Problem is Ive actually gained these last two weeks even though Ive actually increased my excercise. Dont think I've actually put on inches but scales say im heavier!!! Any pointers? Can you actually gain weight through building muscle? Do I stay on Cruise on move on to next stage.....
Thanks again - its great to be able to share with fellow Dukanites:)
xoxoxox Mary"

First off, hi Mary! Nice to meet you :) You are a sweetheart. NOW DON'T MOVE ONTO THE NEXT STAGE IF YOU HAVE MORE TO LOSE! A two week plateau is NOTHING! You can do it! Don't quit! The longest plateau I ever hit was over 4 weeks long, you can break through this!

Quick tips for breaking through plateaus:

  • Cut out dairy,
  • Cut down on your portions,
  • Increase cardio at the gym, do more or at a higher intensity,
  • Be patient,
  • Make sure you aren't accidentally cheating with fattier meats.

Now to answer your other question, gaining weight through building muscle:
This is a question I am always asking myself, as well as being asked. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure what the muscle gain to weight ratio is but I can tell you out of my own experience, and in my opinion, eeeehhhhh if the scale is going up and you are working out, It’s probably not muscle gain causing it.

I am a 20 year old woman, I work out 6 days a week, barely any cardio (meaning… no cardio at all, or the rare once a week 15 minutes of cardio… oh who am I kidding…)

When I lift weights I lift as heavy as I can, I stay at the gym between half an hour to over an hour and a half (this is all before the new bodybuilding training program that my personal trainer gave me yesterday. More on that later.)

I have not gained any weight from this, I take a scoop of protein powder 2-3 times a day, eat 6 full meals a day that are very heavy in protein, I see results in my biceps, upper back, shoulders and abs and I have gained maybe 1-2 lbs in the past 2 months, not even. I have not been losing any inches.

So in my opinion, for me at least, muscle gain doesn’t really up your weight like crazy, unless you are just a beast at the gym, or a man.

I mean, women don’t generally gain bulky, heavy muscle.

When I have a ‘bad food day’ (which lately consists of me eating fruit in the afternoon) I gain weight and always think to myself ‘well it’s me gaining muscle’ but it’s not true, I use it as a copout with myself so I don’t feel guilty about overindulging in the fruit department or with my protein.

Now you guys, I'm not saying you aren't gaining muscle and gaining weight, I'm just sharing my experience with you, I have not been gaining weight while gaining muscle, or rather, not very much of it. I have been gaining muscle, but my weight has barely fluctuated. There might be reasons for this, I'm thinking you would need to gain crazy muscle as a woman to actually gain weight from it, or rather I would have to. Everyone is different.

Not gaining weight while working out is especially true if you are doing cardio, cardio actually gets rid of some muscle, bodybuilders use cardio to lean out, so you would definitely not be gaining weight in relation to working out if you are spending all your time on the treadmill or elliptical.

Possible reasons for your weight gain?
  • Your time of the month is coming up,
  • you are retaining water,
  • random fluctuations in your weight,
  • you are having ‘blockage’ issues (if you know what I’m saying),
  • too much salt,
  • too much dairy,
  • too fatty protein,
  • your body is adjusting to your weight loss,
  • you need to downsize your portions,
  • maybe you are cheating or accidentally cheating,
  • indulging in things you know you shouldn’t
  • or maybe you are working out and gaining muscle. But I doubt it.

There are so many things that can contribute to plateaus and weight gains, it takes just learning about your body, your reaction to different things, playing around with the diet until you find the perfect combination so you can break that plateau and eventually lose weight.

If you are working out and gaining weight, up your cardio. When bodybuilders want to lose weight that’s what they do.

Just DON’T GIVE UP! Keep working hard, it eventually goes down, it really does! Keep working hard and you will see results. Do little tweaks to the diet until you figure out what will make that scale co-operate and go down again.

Never give up, this diet works. Drink tons of water, keep your chin up. You can do it!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Is the Weight Really Going Down? - Picture!

My Weight Chart Over a Couple Months Of Cruise
Hi guys! I posted this picture somewhere in my February posts but felt it was time to pull it up again since a couple of women have mentioned to me how frustrated they are with their weight bouncing all over the place. I want to show you that it's TOTALLY NORMAL!

Look, my weight spiked, it stayed around the same, jumped all over the place but if you look carefully at that purple line... IT DID GO DOWN! While I was dieting I felt like the weight was just not going down, I felt hopeless a lot of the time. When you weigh yourself every day you want to see a decrease every time you weigh yourself right? It's never ok to see that scale go up. Well, I'm here to tell you to smarten up, because no matter what you do, for some reason or another, no matter how hard you work, the weight will do this, fluctuate like crazy.

It's a given.

So you haven't lost weight in a couple weeks? Keep at it, re-evaluate if you are actually doing something wrong, or cheating on the diet (even accidentally) and if you aren't just work at it, it will drop!

So you are spiking up randomly? That's fine, it happens!

Want to break through a plateau? Might I suggest:

  1. Cutting out or cutting down on your dairy products (even low or non-fat ones)
  2. Cutting down on your portion sizes
  3. Drinking more water
  4. Mini attack phase
Those are the things that got me through mine, and I had a few nasty ones.

Above all else just keep your chin up and NEVER give up. You want to look back on your journey and  feel awful about that one time you cheated, or feel like you could have done better. You want to look back and feel proud that you never gave in to temptation, because you are strong and have incredible willpower!

Anyways loves, this is basically the busiest weekend of my life so that's all for now, happy Sunday, enjoy your day and avoid temptation like the PLAGUE! Make yourself proud and give yourself something to boast about.


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Body Fat Percentage

So, if you will remember in my last post I mentioned how I got all my measurements done up with my new… PERSONAL TRAINER! Which is very exciting in and of itself.

Well, one thing he calculated for me which I feel deserves it’s own little post… my body fat percentage!
I was really nervous about this, very curious. I really wanted to know my number. I went in anticipating a 30% body fat, the average for women being 25%.

I was pleasantly surprised! And then I got stressed, but we will get to that.

  • So, average for women: 25%
  • What I need to be for my competition in November (a little under 25 weeks away): 7%-9% (woaaaah… what?)
  • Current body fat percentage (drumroll): 23.7%!
Woohoo! Oh wait… that means I need to drop… over 16% of my body fat in the next… less than 6 months?

Oooooh…. Lord.

The panic sets in.

I put this as my facebook status and the girl who actually inspired me to get into female bodybuilding commented instantly letting me know she was in the same boat. She told me that every calorie and workout counts.

All of a sudden my panic turns into motivation.

Gotta keep working hard to see those results! I’m so thankful for the people in my life right now. Ahhhh.


Friday, 25 May 2012

I Have a Personal Trainer!

So the other day I had my first consultation with… wait for it… MY NEW PERSONAL TRAINER!


Long time readers are aware of my struggle with working out, and although I have improved my attendance significantly (going to the gym between 6-7 days a week now for almost 7 weeks straight) I don’t feel my performance while at the gym is amazing… I just don’t workout with the intensity that I should be to achieve the results I’m striving for.

But I’m going, and I’m trying. I’m just not sure what to do so I’m meandering around, doing a couple biceps curls, doing a couple chest presses. I never feel anything the next day even though I feel like I am lifting the heaviest weight I can 3x 10 reps. Nope, not feeling anything.

Also my cardio is laughable. I rarely do it and when I do, I just quit after a few minutes. It’s all very pathetic at the gym. If you watched me workout you would be surprised I’m interested in female bodybuilding. As a result, I am not seeing any… results that is. Nada. My diet is strict and I go to the gym every day but there is barely any definition, no progress, and it’s killing me.

You guys must read my blog and think all I do is whine and complain. Terrible.

On a not whiny note, I actually went out there and signed up for a personal trainer! Not sure if I told you already but he is a judge with the federation I want to join (The Ontario Physique Association). His daughter is big in the business on an international level (In the same category I want to compete in, Bikini) and he actually has won a bodybuilding competition himself!

Now we are talking!

It was kindof meant to be, I joined his class at my gym because some of my younger sisters were taking it and my mom asked me to just do it with them one week because she couldn’t make it and they are kindof young to be unsupervised. I joined, introduced myself, we got to talking and BAM!

Next thing I know I’m signing him up as my personal trainer and listening to him give me direction on my diet and working out routines!
I am hoping he can explain to me proper technique and get me on a training schedule that will get me to see results, and fast!

All very exciting.

Some of the things he said about my diet, I’m doing well! (Thanks Dukan!) I have to add in a carb at dinner time though (You don’t hear me complaining, do you? XD) A sweet potato, baked potato, brown rice, or quinoa. This daily carb will help me with my fatigue and give me enough energy to workout. My low-energy might be the reason I am not working out efficiently, because I’m simply too tired!

We will see.

My first actual training with him is Sunday. He took my measurements, figured out my BMI, blood pressure, body fat percentage, all that good stuff. Apparently I’m looking good for everything and we will only see it get better by 6 weeks from now when he does all my measurements up again.

We also set a target weight for me. 120-130 lbs. Woaaaah nelly. I will have lost between 144 and 134 lbs total. That’s nuts.

Also, ontop of my carb, I am allowed one full banana a day. In the mornings. No other fruit. I am also only allowed: broccoli, asparagus, carrots, and green beans when it comes to veggies. I can’t have salads anymore, I need to restrict my vegetable intake. Which is weird.

Oh and 6 meals a day, which I knew about but thought meant 6 small meals or 3 meals and 3 snacks… NOPE.

6 meals a day means like… 6 full meals.

I’m hoping to make up my meals for the week, take a picture and show you what I’m talking about. That might give you a better idea of this new diet, for anyone interested in bodybuilding. It’s also very Dukan friendly.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

How Dukan Has Helped Me w/ My New Bodybuilding Diet

This is very exciting, but apparently I have the dieting part of bodybuilding down and Dukan is to thank!

Since I have been following such a strict and similar diet for over 11 months, I have a serious advantage to all the other girls competing, even the pro ones!

After researching with Prawn as well as speaking to a woman in the business, my diet is very strict and very professional.

The kicker is that I enjoy my new diet, that I don’t find it all that strict and actually enjoy it!

Everyone I talk to in the bodybuilding world is pretty impressed with the diet, they say they can’t live without their weekly cheat meal (which I have cut out completely) as well as their carbs. That they go on benders and cheat and that I eat very ‘clean’. That the thing they struggle with the most is the dieting part.

Which is the complete opposite of me. I struggle with the working out aspect of bodybuilding, not the diet.

The diet is easy.

I read interviews online of some of the big guns in the bodybuilding world. They all say they allow themselves to succumb to their cravings, that they cheat every once in a while and give in to temptation.

I have to say, I’m proud of myself. That I can follow a strict, low-carb (or rather, no carb) diet and do it successfully while not cheating at all! All these women I look up to can’t even do that. I feel blessed with my willpower.

Now if only I could get the gym-ming down. Well, that will come with time. As long as I keep making myself go, keep working harder and harder and getting more comfortable, it’ll come.

The dieting is the ‘hard part’ apparently. And I am dieting at PRO LEVEL!

Thank you so much Dukan : ) You have given me the tools to succeed in this new chapter of my life. I’m excited (as always) for what the future will bring!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Prawns Dilemma – Advice Needed!

Poor guy, so Prawn hit Consolidation on the same day as I did (Feb 6th). He hadn’t hit his target weight (still weighed 250lbs) but hadn’t lost any weight since early December and since he was only on Dukan to support me, decided to support me on through Consolidation and try again when Phase 3 was over.

A week into Consolidation Prawn made a very brave decision, to go back on Phase 1, and start all over, to try and lose between 20 and 40 lbs.

Currently weighing in at 243lbs Prawn has lost 7lbs since early December (that’s a grand total of almost 6 months) and is fed up with the diet.

Now, we have been discussing it extensively. No, he doesn’t feel like he is putting all the effort he could be into the diet. Not that he is cheating, it’s just he isn’t watching his portion sizes, he is skipping breakfast, sometimes lunch. He is eating rotisserie chicken from Walmart every day (very very fatty chicken), and isn’t really TRYING.

But he is bored with the diet, and frustrated, and feels alone now that I am doing my bodybuilding diet.
Now our diets are very similar, in fact, mine is more strict than his. But he still feels alone, this not being the main reason he wants to quit.

I told him to go onto phase 3. Eating fruit, bread, cheese, a cheat meal a week. It’s so easy, while still being healthy and a little restrictive.

He is not interested. He just wants to go off the diet altogether. A huge problem for me.

He says he doesn’t want to binge, he doesn’t want to eat pizza or bad foods. He wants to make the good choices on his own accord.

Now, here is another problem I have with this, he says Dukan doesn’t allow him to make choices. This isn’t true.

Within the confines of the Dukan Diet you can make good and bad choices. You can make your lunch in advance, a salad, tomatoes, peppers, lean chicken or turkey. These are good choices. Or, you could make the choices he has been making, one or two rotisserie chickens a day. He is making the bad choices on the diet with barely any negative consequences because he is making these bad decisions within the rules of the Dukan Diet.
Now if he can’t make good decisions within these strict rules, there is nothing to lead me to believe that without these rules he will continue to make bad decisions, but with greater consequenses.

I can’t force him to do anything. I wont be upset if he quits Dukan, I am just so fearful for him to gain the weight back.

He doesn’t like how he looks, which is what weirds me out the most. Just doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t feel comfortable at this weight, so why doesn’t he just buckle down, watch his portion sizes and eat leaner meats?

He says if he starts working out he expects to lose the weight and feel better about himself… but you can’t eat an entire pizza, but workout for an hour and lose weight. (Not that he wants to eat an entire pizza.)

I asked him what he wants to eat for lunch instead of rotisserie chicken. He told me he wants a salad with dressing. I told him to do a modified phase 2 or phase 3 where you are allowed dressing, he told me he is not interested. I don’t get it.

So, what does he do? I know there aren’t many options left… let me recap, Prawn does not want to :
  • Stay on Phase 2
  • Do a modified Phase 2
  • Go onto Consolidation
  • Have anything to do with the Dukan Diet
  • Binge eat or have a cheat meal (Yes, he has told me he doesn’t even want a cheat meal a week)

… What does he do?


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Celebration Meals – Impulse and Future Cravings

This is frustrating. Another problem with Celebration Meals according to the Dukan Dietress (that’s me!)
I did have my last Celebration Meal not too long ago, went out for fajitas with one of my little sisters for her birthday.

I have also had a new Cheat Meal, of steak and a baked potato for my new diet.

So why am I talking about Celebration Meals again? Shouldn’t this part of my dieting adventure be over? Well no, I guess I have to admit, I cheated on my new diet.

Now I had spent all day reading interviews with bodybuilding women, saying they couldn’t handle not having their weekly cheat meal of pizza, or pasta, or cheese. That they couldn’t cut dairy out of their diet (which I have done) and blah blah no willpower, loves sweets, blah blah.

Which is fine, I have been doing this dieting thing for so long and I have just never really been one to cheat, it’s all in or all out.

But after reading all this and justifying it to myself, I took one of my sisters out for sushi, which I had been wanting but not craving. I just wanted to have dinner with my sister and after seeing one of the pro-bodybuilders I have been following on Facebook go out to sushi, I just wanted sushi ok? I don’t feel guilty, I don’t feel badly. I just cheated, took her out to sushi 6 months before my show.

No big deal.

The big deal happened when after sushi, we went out for McFlurries, then I went to Walmart, bought an orange (good choice), two chocolate bars (bad choice) as well as a bag of berry candy (also bad choice) and then ate it all and almost got sick…

But my lack of willpower and the ‘waterfall effect’ have nothing to do with this new problem with Celebration Meals. This is a personal problem I have, obviously I still need to fix something in me that makes me binge… after all this time you would just think it would be fixed. I have lost 111lbs! But nope, still broken, need more time dieting maybe.

I digress.

The problem with Celebration Meals lie in IMPULSIVE Celebration Meals and their negative effects on Future Cravings.

I have discussed this before but Celebration Meals need to be something you anticipate, that you plan all week. Something scheduled and something to push you forward in your week or strict Dukan Dieting.
I have this thing with impulsive Celebration Meals, I have done it before and while doing so, I always think it’s such a great idea. Just once a week doing something impulsive, for you, because you want to. No restrictions, just ‘I want sushi, so I will eat sushi’. Perfect.


It opens a floodgate, every craving becomes an option for being impulsive. Before Celebration Meals I rarely had cravings. When I started Phase 3 the cravings came full force. The problem with being impulsive or giving your Celebration Meals the option to be impulsive, is that now you want chocolate. Well I haven’t had my Celebration Meal this week, I’ll just eat some, and then more, and then justify to yourself that now you can have an entire, not planned, probably way less healthy than if you had planned, Celebration Meal.

Or what is more impulsive than just randomly wanting something and going for it? The fact that you have had a Celebration Meal already this week… but now it’s the end of the week and your friends are going out, it would be so impulsive to just… have another Celebration Meal! No worries, just being impulsive!

It’s a slippery slope.

I’m finding it very difficult saying no, but I need to be strong.

I have decided I wont have another impulsive Celebration Meal, or Cheat Meal (other than my steak and potato) until August, for my other sisters birthday. I will also be having one for my birthday (although it will be planned and not impulsive) in September.

Like I said though, it is so hard. My family were eating bagels last night and I almost went for it. Had to really keep myself in check. It’s way harder than Phase 2 where I never gave myself the option to ‘cheat’.

My willpower is being tested! Gotta keep working hard so I can see results. Garrarrrrrggggg!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Weight Low, Exciting!

Weighed myself this morning after a really good and strict food day yesterday… I am at a new weight low! What!? I never thought I would lose more than my 110 lbs. Just didn’t seem like a reality. Especially since now I am working out and gaining muscle.

I was aware that at 5’6.5" I would probably need to get down to 137 lbs for my competition, lose another 20 lbs. But I didn’t really think my weight would drop this early, I just kindof figured my body had dropped what it could and that was that.

Well my surprise when I weighed myself this morning! I have to say, I have had a giant smile on all day. I haven’t seen that number go down in… well since February 6th. I hit consolidation at 154.8 lbs and hadn’t seen my weight go below 155 lbs since.

It fluctuated and went all the way up to 161 lbs, but mostly stayed between 156-160 lbs.

My weigh in this morning: 153.6 lbs! Whaaaaaat?

I’m pretty happy. I must be doing something right to have broken through this plateau, since I have been eating incredibly strictly for weeks now and with all the gym-time I am logging in.


Just wanted to share. I guess that means I’m up to… 111.2 lbs lost. XD Little successes.


Friday, 18 May 2012

My First ‘Cheat Meal’ - New Diet

So I'm basically drooling all over the keyboard right now. Man this was so good.

So yesterday I had my first ‘Cheat Meal’. It’s so weird moving away from Dukan terms and onto my ‘New Diet’ terms. Goodbye ‘Celebration Meal’s and hello to ‘Cheat’ ones.

It’s weird and very difficult for me to accept that I’m really no longer on The Dukan Diet.

Dukan is a weight loss diet, I have to be on one to gain muscle.

The diets are SUPER similar, so really, I am still ‘On Dukan’, just a teensy bit modified where I can have a serving of fruit in the AM as well as nuts throughout the day (only almonds, walnuts, and cashews).

Anyways, this is not what the post is about… This Cheat Meal. Mmmmm. :)

Now I am no longer allowed red meats or pork chops. I know, I know on Dukan you aren’t allowed pork chops anyways, but OOOOMG pork chops on the BBQ, so delicious! Honestly how could I say no?

Well I guess now I can, breaks my heart.

Soooo I get 2 steaks a week. So that I can get ‘creatine’ in my system. I’ll be honest, not entirely sure what creatine does. But I need it, so I eat two steaks a week. One of those steaks is my cheat meal and I allow myself a plain baked potato with it.

Now, I hadn’t eaten any potato or potato product in over 11 months. In fact, I actually really used to hate baked potatoes. Until yesterday, now for some reason I ABSOLUTELY LOVE baked potatoes. Weird.

Actually everything tasted so good. The steak was juicy and cooked perfectly (thanks Prawn!) and the baked potato just rounded out the meal, too delicious. Mmm, I want it all over again today, sucks that I have to wait a week. Bah, I’ll be craving it like crazy.

Weird that I crave steak and potatoes and not Doritos and McDonalds now eh?

Oh man and pork chops, would I ever kill for some pork chops right now.

Gotta keep working hard! It will all be so worthit and I am so much healthier now! Keep trucking until the next Cheat Meal!

Have great days, make good decisions!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spinach and Chicken Scrambled Eggs - Recipe

Cooked spinach and chicken in the pan, pre-egg whites.
So I figured with my new super-strict Bodybuilding diet, I would no longer be able to provide you guys with any Dukan recipes, well I was wrong! This is delicious and Dukan-friendly!

Also, a very forgivable and customisable recipe, as is my usual style.


Handfull of spinach or baby spinach
1 cooked skinless boneless chicken breast
Liquid egg whites, whole eggs, or egg whites
Pepper, or any other seasoning you like. I have used Ms Dash Original and Epicure's Pueblo Bean Dip

Just cover the pan with spinach, know that when it cooks the spinach will take less place in the pan. It shrinks.
Cover the bottom of the pan with spinach and put it on a medium heat. You can spray the bottom of the pan with a bit of pam beforehand.

Put as little or as much spinach as you want, you can cut the spinach beforehand or keep it like this, in big leaves.

Add cooked, diced chicken breasts. I have made this recipe without any meat as well as with flaked light tuna. Both were delicious variations. I think next time I will make it with canned crab.

Since the meat and spinach is already cooked it's up to you when you want to add in the egg whites, whole eggs, or liquid egg whites.

The finished product.
I like waiting for the spinach to be at a consistency I like, then add my liquid egg whites. I then season it however I feel like on that particular morning. I have used just pepper, Epicure's Pueblo Bean Dip, Ms Dash Original, Montreal Chicken Spice, as well as Pepper and Chive and they were all delicious.

Season and then scramble the eggs. Voila!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Fear In Gaining the Weight Back

You might remember the story I told you about the woman who came into my work, talking about this terrible diet with injections, that cost 5000$ and made her really sick?

Do you remember the part where I say she did gain all the weight back?

Well this idea has clearly been implanted in my head because I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you know why? She informed me that after 3 years she gained it all back…

Wait what?

She told me she kept it off for 3 years and then one day just GAINED IT ALL BACK!

Cue the hyperventilating… now.

3 years is more than 5 days for every pound lost.

I don’t know what to think. I’m totally scared.

My plan was to continue on with my bodybuilding passion for 3 years of competing, maybe more, maybe less depending on how well I do in competitions (I want to continue working out for life and building muscle, but not competitions).

Once I am finished competing I want to fall back on Phase 3 of Dukan, pick up where I left off (with about 450 more days of Consolidation) and then move onto the last Phase.

But this news has frightened me. What if I move on to the last Phase after all that time, and just gain the weight back? Is there no amount of days that guarantees the weight wont creep back on, or is it just while following a dangerous and severely unhealthy diet like the one she followed?

Gaining the weight back is absolutely my number one fear, it just can’t happen, but I don’t want to be super-strict with my dieting for the rest of my life. I want to get to the point where my friends ask me out to sushi and I can not only say yes, but I can eat it without that fear, and guilt.

I was hoping, with the way it was put in Dr Dukans book, that once you get off consolidation, that was it. No guilt, protein Thursdays for the rest of your life but no fear of gaining the weight back.

I understand that throughout Dukan you learn the skills necessary to no longer overeat, to be more conscientious of your bad eating habits… but still.


The Prawns Dad, New Progress

If you will recall, a few posts ago I mentioned how Prawns father has been diagnosed with Diabetes. Thank you for all your e-mails and comments. The support and love Prawn and I both feel is really overwhelming.

It’s a scary thing to learn but I think now we have a better understanding of what is really happening.

Just for your information, he has been asking us questions about sugar, since we are the resident experts now. He has been making an effort, no more pop, he had chicken on the BBQ last night. Asking questions about Ketchup, sugar content, carbs. I am so happy.

I printed off a bunch of information for him from some of your messages and he read it all. I think he wants to fix this and I’m really excited. He doesn’t seem to want to go on Dukan, and we are not pushing, just trying to get him to change his habits little by little.

Will let you know more as he continues to progress. This is all very positive! Making an effort instead of just pushing the issues aside. We are all really thankful.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An Absolutely Terrible Diet, Ugh

A lady came into my work yesterday and we started chatting. I work in an entirely French speaking work environment and every once in a while an English speaking customer will come in and I love to start up conversations with them. I can speak French fluently, but an English conversation just breaks up the monotony of my job, if you know what I’m saying.

So, we are chatting and she mentions her breasts, how they are large and annoying. I was in a diet-speaking mood so I chimed in with the ‘Oh I know, you have no idea. I used to have 40 E cups and blah blah blah I lost 110 lbs.’

She informed me that 6 years ago, she went on a diet (I will not disclose the name, mostly because I’m not sure how it is spelt, but also, for legal reasons) where she paid 5000$ (Yep, 5000$!) and got injections in her tummy, had to eat 900 calories a day, and lost 60 lbs in 2 months…



Sign me up! (I’m TOTALLY kidding)

Losing that much weight so fast made her really sick, she had kidney failure, it was all really bad.

I just looked at her with my mouth hanging. She told me how hungry she was following this diet and how sick she got after, with frequent visits to the hospital.

So, of course, I told this fab woman about Dukan, how it changed my life, how it didn’t cost squat (well, other than purchasing the book, which actually, I never bought, my grand-maman bought it for me)

How I never starved myself, how there were no nasty needles with belly bruising for weeks after. How it was way healthier than whatever this diet was doing to her and how crazy she was for doing that to herself, poor thing.

How the weight loss was gradual, but still fast enough to keep you motivated.

Just… a way better diet than this shit she was on before. What in the world?

I still can’t get over it.

Oh yeah, and she did gain all the weight back after all that. Ugh.

You guys, make smart choices today.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Thankful for Helpful People & Uneducated About Bodybuilding (But Trying!)

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such helpful, amazing people. I am really blessed.

It seems like a daily struggle to motivate myself. I have been feeling exhausted, grumpy, and down on myself. Whenever I talk about my bodybuilding dreams to anyone I feel that they are judging me and don’t think I will stick with it and that I will fail, which in turn just demotivates me like crazy.

I am constantly looking through bodybuilding photos, watching videos and researching the subject.

Unfortunately bodybuilding women don’t seem to be the kind of people to start a blog where they talk about all their secrets and tips so I have to go out and ask actual bodybuilders if I have a pressing enough question.
It’s frustrating, I wish there was a book or website with all the answers.

So far when it comes to nutrition (from what I have gathered from various peoples facebook pages) different people treat ‘clean eating’ very differently, and at different levels of strictness. From what I’ve seen it is not true in all cases that the stricter your diet, the better and faster results you will achieve. So I am not sure what to do or how to take it.

Thankfully, when I ask for help it is given to me, the wonderful women I have been confiding in have not turned to me once and said ‘well, I’m your competition, so you can get out of my face and figure it out on your own.’ They are all so helpful and knowledgeable and I am so thankful for that.

I was so worried about the slow results, and about the effectiveness of my workouts. A girl I totally idolise has informed me NOT TO STRESS (Who me? Stress? Never…) and that with time I will start to workout harder and to just keep at it and not give up, that I can do it.

Something I really needed to hear.

It’s almost like I need to be babystepped the entire way. I’m so new to this fitness thing and this diet is so strange and new.

Apparently I need to eat a handful of almonds and a protein shake an hour before bed. What? I have never heard of eating anything before bed, in fact, I have been told my whole life never to eat after 6, after 7, after dinner. Just don’t eat food late. Right?

Nope, apparently now I have to eat a protein shake, which I haven’t really looked into but I’m certain it’s drowning in calories… right before bed. Soooo weird.

I have to eat quinoa as well. Half a cup after my workout with half a cup of broccoli and boiled chicken or boiled tilapia.

I have to eat 70% protein 20% carbs and 10% fat.

I will tell you more as I learn more, but that’s what I’ve gotten so far.

Maybe to all you wannabe bodybuilders, there can finally be answers for you in blog format somewhere :P

Once I figure it all out…

It’s exciting, a whole new world. I have a dream! I just need to educate myself and go for it.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Exhaustion While Following a Low Carb Diet

Uh oh.

I am starting to feel the way I did during the first many months of following Dukan, the low-carb exhaustion is settling in! Uuuuhhhhhhhhggggg, this is the worst part of dieting.

Especially since I need to stay on my game and workout hard to prep for my competition.

I feel like crap.

Now I would love to say that this feeling goes away, but if my memory serves me right I felt this bad for at least the first 6-7 months of following Dukan. I had felt better since the new year and still had some bouts of exhaustion if I didn’t get enough sleep, but that’s normal.

Since starting my new, very strict diet I am feeling like a zombie. I am feeling completely lazy.

Now this is my best understanding of why that happens:

Your body goes into a kindof ‘hibernation’ mode when it feels like it’s fat stores are being depleted. Your nails and hair grow slower, you get cold, and you get this feeling of absolute exhaustion. To combat this you should try getting as much sleep as possible but I find in my case, this never helped. I could get over 13 hours of sleep and still wake up tired.


Your body just wants to hold onto all your energy, so it stops (or rather slows down) burning calories to make you warm, and it makes you tired so you will sleep to conserve energy.

I remember at one point I started taking vitamins and that helped a little. Need to start taking those again. Also, apparently I need to eat quinoa? This stresses me out because it’s not allowed on Dukan… I also don’t know how much to eat, is it daily? Weekly? I’ll let you guys know once I figure it out. Maybe that added carb will help with my feeling of exhaustion.

Also, you are not supposed to workout hard while on a diet like Dukan. I am just trying my best to get good workouts in even though I’m exhausted on this new diet.


PS: I actually wrote this post 2 days ago and have since then purchased protein powder to help me through my bodybuilding... would you look at that, protein powder has totally gotten me out of my exhaustion! I take a scoop with breakfast and one after my workout and I'll be totally honest, it helped!

Let's see if this keeps up

Friday, 11 May 2012

Give it 12 Weeks

People have started asking me if I have lost any more weight, which is weird, since I keep fluctuating between 3-5lbs gained.

I do feel a little different in my clothes and I can fit in the 34 B bra I bought that I was spilling out of (a little everywhere) only a month ago? Or so it feels.

Anyways, I don’t know what to think.

I look at my progress pictures, my underwear shots I take every friday, which, maybe in a few weeks I will be brave enough to show you, and there is some teensy progress. I don’t feel like it’s nearly enough and I don’t feel like it’s visible to anyone but me.

But hey, I have had like, quite a few people ask me.

So maybe I just can’t see it.

They say when working out it takes:

4 weeks for you to notice the difference,
8 weeks for your friends and family to notice,
and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

So no matter what you should give it your all for 12 weeks.

I have been doing this for over 5 weeks now, so I’m creeping up to friends and family territory.

I still don’t feel like a bodybuilder. We will see with time, more progress!

How is your fitness going this week? Have you achieved your expectations? Have you done your Dukan-recommended walking? Doesn’t take too long, and it’s ok for any level of fitness, walking is great.

That’s all I’m leaving you with today, have a good one you guys. Don’t cheat! I’m watching you! Stay motivated, it gets off and you will look FAAAAB when it’s all over (so soon!)


My Last Celebration Meal -sigh-

So tonight I enjoyed my very last Celebration Meal. My final tweak to phase 3 of the Dukan Diet, meaning I am back, officially, to a modified phase 2.

I am not doing this to punish myself or to lose more weight, I am doing this to accommodate my dream to compete in a bodybuilding (bikini) competition November 3rd 2012.

Long time readers will know that before I had determined I would be competing I cut out the bread and cheese, as well as the starch meal allowed in Consolidation. Just because after over 10 months of following Dukan, I didn’t feel the need to eat these things. I wasn’t suffering, it was a choice I made and planned on sticking with long-term.

I have now changed my diet to be more bodybuilding friendly. Now I am restricting myself even more, which is the most difficult thing I have had to do on this diet.

I think cutting out celebration meals will kill me. I don’t know how Prawn did it.

He was eating chicken drumsticks and pork the other night and I almost died. All off the BBQ, smelt soooo delish. Ahhh.

But this is so worthit. I feel so much better and happy eating this way. I really do. Even though the temptations are always there, always.

So I had promised to take my youngest sister out to dinner, wherever she wanted, absolutely wherever. And that I would use one of my celebration meals to eat with her, something I haven’t been able to do since starting this diet.

It meant a lot to her so I had my celebration meal at Lonestar and enjoyed yummy fajitas, and a dessert, to celebrate her birthday (something totally worth celebrating! Love you IVY!)

I pigged out. I could have gone strong and had a couple bites of not allowed food, but for the next 6 months I will be going so strictly through this diet, I do not regret eating out with my baby sister for her birthday dinner.

Now back to telling people I can’t eat out with them, and not being able to celebrate family events like birthdays, thanksgiving. Oh man, modified phase 2, you kill me.

I know I’m whining, but I am happy with my choices ;) It’s just so hard when you have something and earn it, and then it’s taken away from you.

At least I enjoyed this last, super delish meal with my gorgeous sister.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bad Health News for The Prawn’s Dad

Oh wow.

I have some very sad news to share with you guys, something that has really hit home.
Prawns father has been diagnosed with diabetes :(

I’m sure a lot of my readers have been in the same place as us, back when Prawn and I were overweight we constantly feared getting to the point where we would ourselves get diabetes. I was always so afraid for Prawn and he was afraid for me but both of us thought ourselves invincible. I didn’t think I could possibly get diabetes, even though my parents were also fearful for my health because of my absolutely horrid eating habits.

I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, but I know Prawn was crying, very upset over it all.

I am really terrible at comforting people. I tried explaining to him that in some cases if the person changes their eating habits drastically diabetes is reversible. That people live their entire, full lives with diabetes. That he has options like insulin and changing his lifestyle around that can help him through this whole process.
I have a co-worker who has diabetes and she is healthy and happy.

That it’s not the end of the world.

But I was very sad for him, well both Prawn and his dad. This is very stressful and sad news. Especially since Prawns father doesn’t really communicate his feelings. Prawns mom says he will take up biking and start eating better, but last night they ordered pizza (my favourite pizza… almost killed me). So I’m not too sure about the eating habits thing.

I guess we will see in time.

We live with his parents currently, I just wish everyone at the house was more open to a Dukan, Paleo way of eating. They are all into processed foods and laugh at our dieting while also thinking it’s too strict, harsh, and that we are clearly suffering while on it.

Simply not true, but they are set in their thoughts.

Prawn wishes he could take his dad aside and just yell at him for letting his eating habits get so bad. Just tell him he is starting Dukan tomorrow and that is final. He can’t obviously, it’s his dad. I’m sure this is a really difficult time for The Prawn, poor guy.

I’m fortunate to have a happy, healthy family of my own. My mom eats raw vegan, my dad has lost over 50 lbs and looks amazing, my sister has lost about 40 lbs and is a total gym rat. My young siblings are into sports, jujitsu, and physical activity. I’m very lucky they will all live long, healthy lives.

I can’t even imagine knowing your families eating habits are being detrimental to their health and being helpless on the subject. I’m even happier now, looking back, that Prawn joined me on this journey, because at 351 lbs he was definitely heading towards diabetes himself. So scary.


Tulip Ball at the Irish Ambassadors Home

So a couple nights ago I attended the Tulip Ball at the home of the Irish Ambassador (as I’m sure you could gather by the title of this blog post, you smartie pants you.)

It was just absolutely lovely. I wore one of my favourite new dresses I bought at Value Village for like 11 bucks, total steal, it fits me like a glove.

I find it shows off my new biceps, but all my friends freaked out and said I look fab so, I looked fab you guys.

His home was just beautiful, columns everywhere, a gorgeous basement perfect for the ceili dancing that took place that night. It was nice. I was invited as part of the Ottawa Youth and had a marvellous time.

They were circling appetisers the entire night. They looked… way too good. Didn’t have a single bite but seriously… they looked scrumptious. Yummy mixes like croissants, strawberries, cream cheese… delicious open sandwiches all little and everyone was mmm-ing and taking seconds and thirds. I was standing there with my tap water. Could have died.

In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t cave in because I would feel SOOO guilty. Totally not worthit, I’ll forget all about the whole thing after posting this post, I can guarantee you.

But if I had cheated the guilt would follow me for ever, just feeling like a failure.

Instead of feeling empowered, and a little jealous :P

It was a great night though.

Other than the drama at the end of the night, where a woman in a black dress (no idea who she is) walked into the house and SLAPPED THE AMBASSADOR!


We saw the police arrive and everything! Mayhem!

Maybe it was for not having any Dukan-friendly alternatives. I understand her pain.

Have a great day you guys, make great choices!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Date Set For My Competition? (Picture)

A teensy bit of progress after 5 weeks of working out, baby bicep peeking through :)

So, I’m pretty sure I just set my competition date and I’m SO SCARED!

I was at the Y, where I workout, and took a class with a handful of my younger siblings (whom I am always trying to impress) it was a total muscle conditioning class. I have been going once a week (well, for two weeks now) I like going to learn new workouts to target different body parts. For instance, I learned a great workout that targets the triceps, which I have been having a hard time with.

I digress.

I was the only new member and the instructor seemed to know everyone else by name, so I thought I would wait around after the class to introduce myself.

We got to talking, I mentioned my weight loss (to which he didn’t seem impressed at all) and turns out he is a judge for the competition I have been training for!

I was meant to take that class, weird how things workout.

We talked about diet, he told me a few mistakes I have been making, for instance I have completely cut out red meat, but apparently I need to eat one something ounce steak a week because it gives you creatine naturally. Ok then.

He looked at my calves, we talked about loose belly skin, he informed me I should get a personal trainer for a bit and then switch over to a coach.

His daughter competes in the same category as I want to (bikini), but on an international level. He told me she could teach me posing when she comes down to visit him. Posing is a big deal for the competition.

Anyway, all in all, I’m really so happy I talked to him! I’m excited for the future!

He told me I wouldn’t be able to compete in the June 16th show but I have to go and watch the competition so I can see what it entails. Which I will definitely do.
But this was the most valuable thing he said… He told me I could easily compete in the November 3rd show.

I was like, November 3rd… of this year?!

I think I asked him at least 3 times if he meant November 3rd 2012. Are you kidding me? That is only 6 months away! How could I possibly look like those women in only 6 months?!

He assured me I could, 100%.

Oh my Gosh it’s become so real.

I was aiming for November 2-3 years from now. 1 and a half years from now if I was feeling adventurous. But never did I think 6 months from now, ever.

But it’s been set! I have a date to aim for! I have to take it up a notch I guess.

Imagine, less than 11 months ago I could have never dreamed of doing this, I was a sad girl who couldn’t run on the treadmill for fear of spraining her ankles, again. I would eat McDonalds as a midnight snack, or an entire box of Ah Caramel, mmmm Ah Caramel... Wait... FOCUS!

Thanks to the Dukan Diet I have come so far.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, as usual!


Monday, 7 May 2012

Prawn Saves the Day - A Little Reality Check

Oooh and the self doubt starts to creep in.

So yesterday I was at the gym for 2 hours. I left feeling like I hadn't accomplished anything. When I was home I wrote out what I had done at the gym and it seemed impossible that that could fill up 2 hours, so what did I do with my time?

I got really down on myself, really sad about this whole bodybuilding dream I have set out for myself. I started leafing through my one bodybuilding magazine, looking at videos online as well as pictures of the women competing and the only thought that went through my head "I could never look like that... in a BILLION years, I clearly don't put in the effort. If I did, I would look even a teensy bit like them after 5 weeks of working out.. no?"

So Prawn came home from work to see a mopey, down on herself wannabe-bodybuilder. Who had (thankfully) not cheated on her new, stricter diet, but was just sitting in bed tearing up. Anyways it was all very sad to see.

So, being the nice guy he is, The Prawn told me to stand up and go in front of the mirror. Did a little excercise with me. 

The Prawn: Tell me one part of your body you hate about yourself and why.

Me: My legs because they lack definition and are flabby, big, and hard to workout.

The Prawn: Now tell me one part you love, and why.

Me: My collar bone because it sticks out and I didn't have to do any work for it, it just looks perfect and sexy.

And on and on, until I ran out of things I liked. A grand total of 3 things. Then I proceeded to tell him the 50 things I didn't like, as in my usual fashion when I'm in these moods.

He smiled at me and said that not even 11 months ago, not even 6 months ago, we could have done the same exercise and do you know what I would have said? The only part I liked about myself would have been my breasts, because they attract guys and they are big.

That doesn't sound very great now does it... Not a good body part to love and especially not for that reason. All my current reasons for loving my body are because of me, I love them because I think they look attractive, not because men will find me attractive because of it.

Hopefully with continuing hard work by this time next year the things I love about my body will triple again! Only time and dedication will tell.

So I'll keep at it, I'm no quitter. These girls I'm obsessing over the internet all started off skinny, athletic, my start point was 264,8 lbs. I can't be expected to look exactly like they do after only 5 weeks, but I will after months of continued work, so I have to put in the effort. It's hard you guys.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

You Don’t Think You Can Do It: Right Frame of Mind When Starting

Thanks to a friend for the inspiration for this post. Love you and good luck!

Now, I am always saying that any diet works when you are in the right frame of mind when you begin it, with more thought this is simply not true because when Prawn and I started Dukan neither of us was in the right frame of mind, at all.

I was told about the diet by my Grand-maman, as I’m sure you all know. Lovely woman, lost an incredible 75 lbs while following Dukan, and has maintained the weight loss since Christmas.

She gave me the book and I thought it was a huge joke. You couldn’t eat carrots while on the diet, carrots. Absolutely ridiculous. The Dukan Diet became a big laughable thing in my household and I didn’t take it seriously at all.

She made me read the book, and I did. The only reason I started it was because the diet made sense to me, but I never thought I would succeed. I didn’t think I would lose the weight and keep it off, and I especially didn’t think I would get the results I ended up getting.

I remember seeing the TW date Dukan gave me on the website. February 6th 2012. I thought that was hilarious, a huge joke. Just not possible I could stick with it that long. There was no doubt in my mind I would be back to eating regularly by the end of the month. So really, I was not in the ‘right frame of mind’ at all.

Prawn was the same way. He never did Dukan for himself. Since the very beginning it was just to support me (great guy). He figured he would do it until I messed up and quit, which would be less than a week, and then he would be back to eating regularly as well. No sweat.

Now look at what he has gotten himself into!

When I try something, I usually hit a road block and quit. What is so funny is that I did hit a road block, day 2 when I cheated… and for some reason I kept going. I guess this diet was meant to be.

So you see? Not in the right place mentally, didn’t think I would do well, and I DID. Sometimes even if you are doubtful about yourself you just need to take the first step and something clicks. Don’t give up!

The same thing can be said for my recent fitness attempts. I have tried everything to get myself motivated to get to the gym, nothing ever works. I am absolutely not in the right frame of mind but somehow I have managed to get my butt to the gym for 5 weeks in a row now. Are you kidding me?

I don’t think I can really succeed in this bodybuilding world, I look at the other competitors and think to myself… no way. I will never look like that, but who knows? I’m putting in the effort, it will pay off, it’s just a matter of time, dedication, and continuing on this journey!

So take that first step, you will regret not having started sooner.

& If you don’t succeed, keep taking that first step, or you will never get anywhere. Cross that attempt off your list and try something differently. You don’t need to be in the right place when you start, as long as you end in the right frame of mind, you can do it!


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Accountability Check

So I know this cannot seem like a big deal, but today is the third day of ‘eating clean’ I have succeeded (so far) in a row.

Now the Dukan Diet is strict enough, this whole ‘eating clean’ business is killer. It’s especially difficult because I know that according to Dukan I could totally eat non fat dairy for instance, but this whole bodybuilding diet doesn’t allow me to… but I am still allowed to on Dukan… See how my brain is working?

It’s very difficult and before St. Louis I was really struggling with some things, I was eating steaks and pork chops, I had yogurt, was eating way too big portions, and eating fruit in the afternoon sometimes, and was eating more than a single portion of fruit, etc.

During St Louis I barely even tried, I ate Dukan-friendly but because food was such a stress for me, and I didn’t want to starve, I just dropped the bodybuilding diet completely.

First day back my ‘new, stricter diet’ was also dropped.

But for two days now, and today, I have been doing well. Eating tuna, mustard, boiled chicken, green beans, egg whites broccoli, cauliflower…

No carbs after my breakfast gallette, no fruit in the afternoons, I have been rocking it!

Oh, and I totally motivated myself to do 2 days of gym straight, an hour of weight lifting each time!

I’m on the ball!

This diet is very strict. My goal is to do 2 weeks of this ‘modified cruise phase’ and hopefully (apparently) then it will be easier. Fingers crossed.

I am still allowed one cheat meal a week, although I have seen a few people indulge and eat steak and baked potato for these meals I plan on having whatever I want/ am craving, same rules as Dukan.
Today marks 5 weeks of working out consistently actually, which is pretty huge for me, the girl who 5 weeks ago hadn’t gone two days straight at the gym in… ever.

I have been taking an underwear shot, in the same sports bra and zebra print boxers, front and back every Friday since starting this. I think this week I will see some actual results finally and am pumped to get home and get the picture taken.

After my after-work-workout of course.

Tonight for supper, boiled basa fish with egg whites and green beans. Woohoo, no cheating no matter what! I will keep working hard to get my bodybuilding body!

Hope this motivation keeps for my 2 weeks. This is hard you guys.

Do you need to be kept accountable for anything? Let me know, and I'll be sure to be incredibly dissapointed in you if you don't stick with it, as you should all be if I don't keep up this clean eating thing. ;)


Friday, 4 May 2012

How to Get Back On Track - Reader Question

I got an absolutely great question from a reader, a question I have received a few times:

"Did you have days that you had completely failed? How to get back on track? PP days for a while? Or just keep going normally? Thank you so much for your blog and sharing your story. It's truly an inspiration to me. XO."

I would like to start by saying: ‘D’aaaawwwwww’ :3

I love receiving questions, and I love love loooove hearing about your stories, your lives, and all the wonderful compliments. The best thing anyone can ever say to me is that I’m an inspiration, I just get so proud and so joyful. Thank you.

So, to I’ll try my best to answer this once and for all with an analogy.

If you were to take a class at your gym, like Body Pump (my fav class at Goodlife… even though I no longer have a membership there.) Or just a barbell weight lifting class, they are super popular right now…
So you are at this class and you ask the instructor, well what do I do? How much should I lift?

The instructor could answer a number of things, but what determines how much weight you put on those barbells is you. What level of fitness are you at? How long have you been lifting? How determined are you and how motivated are you to see results? What are you comfortable with?

Well what do you do if you cheat, you fall off the wagon for a day, a week, for years. What then?
It depends on you my dear reader. How long did your binge-cheating-thing last? How strictly did you follow the diet prior to cheating? Do you think you could handle a 4-5 day attack phase to pick yourself back up again?

I could tell you what I would do, but that doesn’t really help you, does it? If your weight lifting instructor told you how much he or she lifted, that is completely off of what you should probably do in most cases, they have been doing it longer and have had a completely different experience weight lifting than you.

You could easily go back to one PV day one PP day, alternating rhythm with no ‘punishment’ to yourself, because that’s what it would be, giving yourself a few PP days in a row seems like a punishment to me, when you could easily get back on regular Cruise and lose the weight without having to do an Attack phase.

The reason my situation would be different than most of yours is because I never alternated days, I didn’t do a single PP day all throughout my Cruise Phase. So what I would do, is a mini-attack as a reminder to myself to not to cheat, kindof like a punishment really.

I did cheat, on day 2 of the diet a friend I didn’t know at the time would bully me the entirety of my weight loss journey, pressured me into drinking because she didn’t want to feel left out.

So I drank 5 shots of tequila… and felt super guilty afterwards. I just continued on with the diet like normal, finished my 10 days of attack and the rest is history ;)

Have not cheated since, but I have cheated in the way that I have eaten over my daily limit of yogurt or oat bran, consistently throughout the diet. When I did a binge-yogurt day, week, month as it would happen, I never did any attack phases, just calmed myself down, cut out my temptation (stopped buying yogurt) and tried to use my willpower to do better the next day.

If you cheat at the beginning of the day, your day isn’t lost. If you spend over budget, 50,000$ on your wedding day, does that justify buying another 10-15,000$ thing, because hey, you are over budget anyway. Snap yourself out of it and don’t make it worse. It’s hard to get out of that mentality but you can do it.
Hope this helps.

Above all just don’t give up, right? The weight does come off, everybody has moments of weakness, you are only weak if you let those moments defeat you.

Good luck, and thanks for all the comments and questions.


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Please tell me it’s the weather. I just don’t understand this, I feel a complete lack of motivation. My body feels as exhausted as it did all throughout Cruise, my life feels so busy and hectic. I know I’m not the only one. So, I’m thinking we could all use a little kick in the butt, some motivation.

I’m having a hard time writing this, considering my lack of motivation myself, I don’t even know where to start.

Ok, well how about this:

It feels so great to be skinny.

I weighed 264.8 lbs when I started this journey, a teensy bit over 11 months ago. When I went out, I wouldn’t get danced with. I felt trapped in a relationship because I didn’t think I could ever do any better, because I was simply put, hideous (or so I felt).

I hated my body, every bit of it, other than my chest, which I was in love with and desperate to never lose because I was afraid (since it was the ‘only attractive part of me’) that no one could find me good looking without it.

Well, my morning weigh in was 159.0 lbs.

I went from an E cup to a B cup.

I feel super SEXY today. Prawn told me I have a good looking butt this morning.

Last time I went out I danced and had a great time, I kept up with my friends Irish dancing all weekend and never felt tired or like I couldn’t keep up, even though I had just hit the gym for 30 days straight prior.
When I run up the stairs at my work I don’t run out of breath anymore.

I am not constantly afraid of spraining my ankles, getting diabetes, or being judged by other people because of my weight.

I don’t hide my body anymore, I wear tight fitting clothes and I know I look good in them.

I have been called ‘stunning’ recently by almost a total stranger.


I have been maintaining my weight loss for 89 days now (I think) and I feel confident that it is off for life, as long as I continue on with the GREAT eating habits I picked up over my several months of following Dukan.
When I was fat I would eat frozen dinners, Kraft Dinner, candy, chocolate, ice cream, McDonalds… everything and anything bad for you. I could sit down and eat an entire thing of muffins, an entire box of Ah Caramel, all sorts of terrible junk.

Tonight I’m going home and BBQ-ing boneless skinless chicken breasts with yellow, orange, and red peppers and you know what, I would prefer to eat this way then the crap I was eating before! I don't feel deprived, I feel empowered and I LOVE chicken and peppers on the BBQ, I really love it! A lot more than Kraft Dinner anyway. I'm choosing to eat this way.

I feel amazing, and want to keep it up and get even better looking, and even healthier by continuing on with my fitness, improving myself. I know I can do it.


I was a lazy, unmotivated 19 year old when I started this journey. I am now a healthy, attractive 20 year old who added YEARS to my life and completely erased all health issues I was bound to have in future years.

Surely you, a successful woman or man, who is not NEARLY as lazy and unmotivated as me can succeed with this easy diet, or any other diet you stick your mind to.

I started Dukan as a joke to prove my grandmother wrong, and instead completely changed my life.

So no excuses, I will go have an AMAZING leg workout after work and you will keep going strong or start over. You will see, the weight comes off when you follow the diet properly, work hard and see results fast!

Be healthy! You can do it!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting Back Into Routines – The Most Frustrating Part About Going On Vacation

Ugh, this is the part of vacations that I absolutely loathe, getting back into the routine of your day to day life. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to pick back up all the good habits you had formed before leaving, and getting back into the swing of things.

For instance, before leaving for Florida I was taking my vitamins every morning with 2-3 large glasses of water, this habit has never been picked back up. I haven’t taken a vitamin or drank my morning water since.
Who knows what good habit I have dropped because of this St Louis trip!

I did manage to workout every day for a month. I hit the gym every day except day 30/30 I did not actually hit a gym, but I did some serious Irish Dancing (over 3 hours) and I’m sorry, but that is a serious cardio session, sweating up a storm. So I’m counting it.

Yesterday was my first full day back and I’m moving and frankly still exhausted from the trip, so I took a rest day. Did not hit the gym or do anything physical.

I’m feeling incredibly guilty, as well as feeling scared that I’m falling out of love with working out and bodybuilding! Nooooo! So I have asked Prawn to force me to hit the gym today, I want to workout for an hour and I wont let myself slack off! I have a competition to train for. I can do it!

This is not a habit I’m willing to let go of.

I’m having a rough time with my water, have not been drinking enough, and for the past 2 days I have gotten back in the habit of eating dairy and too much fruit. What has gotten into me!?

So today, clean eating, working out. I can do it.

Oh all that and did I mention? I have to move. Great. -.- Busy busy, that’s my life right now and It’s stressing me out and I’m not getting nearly enough sleep… ugh.

Do you have any tricks or tips to getting back in your old routines after leaving for a bit? Because I’m having a rough time.

I guess it takes a few days but if you put the effort in you can do it.

Starting full on training today, looking at 1 hour of weight training 4-5 days a week as well as serious clean eating as outlined in my bodybuilding post a few posts back (in April). I want to do this right, I don’t need the sweet foods I have been indulging in, even if they are ‘Dukan Friendly’ or allowed. I can do this, I just need to focus and be determined!

Oh Lord, I really need some motivation, I feel so gross and disappointed in myself.