Thursday, 3 May 2012


Please tell me it’s the weather. I just don’t understand this, I feel a complete lack of motivation. My body feels as exhausted as it did all throughout Cruise, my life feels so busy and hectic. I know I’m not the only one. So, I’m thinking we could all use a little kick in the butt, some motivation.

I’m having a hard time writing this, considering my lack of motivation myself, I don’t even know where to start.

Ok, well how about this:

It feels so great to be skinny.

I weighed 264.8 lbs when I started this journey, a teensy bit over 11 months ago. When I went out, I wouldn’t get danced with. I felt trapped in a relationship because I didn’t think I could ever do any better, because I was simply put, hideous (or so I felt).

I hated my body, every bit of it, other than my chest, which I was in love with and desperate to never lose because I was afraid (since it was the ‘only attractive part of me’) that no one could find me good looking without it.

Well, my morning weigh in was 159.0 lbs.

I went from an E cup to a B cup.

I feel super SEXY today. Prawn told me I have a good looking butt this morning.

Last time I went out I danced and had a great time, I kept up with my friends Irish dancing all weekend and never felt tired or like I couldn’t keep up, even though I had just hit the gym for 30 days straight prior.
When I run up the stairs at my work I don’t run out of breath anymore.

I am not constantly afraid of spraining my ankles, getting diabetes, or being judged by other people because of my weight.

I don’t hide my body anymore, I wear tight fitting clothes and I know I look good in them.

I have been called ‘stunning’ recently by almost a total stranger.


I have been maintaining my weight loss for 89 days now (I think) and I feel confident that it is off for life, as long as I continue on with the GREAT eating habits I picked up over my several months of following Dukan.
When I was fat I would eat frozen dinners, Kraft Dinner, candy, chocolate, ice cream, McDonalds… everything and anything bad for you. I could sit down and eat an entire thing of muffins, an entire box of Ah Caramel, all sorts of terrible junk.

Tonight I’m going home and BBQ-ing boneless skinless chicken breasts with yellow, orange, and red peppers and you know what, I would prefer to eat this way then the crap I was eating before! I don't feel deprived, I feel empowered and I LOVE chicken and peppers on the BBQ, I really love it! A lot more than Kraft Dinner anyway. I'm choosing to eat this way.

I feel amazing, and want to keep it up and get even better looking, and even healthier by continuing on with my fitness, improving myself. I know I can do it.


I was a lazy, unmotivated 19 year old when I started this journey. I am now a healthy, attractive 20 year old who added YEARS to my life and completely erased all health issues I was bound to have in future years.

Surely you, a successful woman or man, who is not NEARLY as lazy and unmotivated as me can succeed with this easy diet, or any other diet you stick your mind to.

I started Dukan as a joke to prove my grandmother wrong, and instead completely changed my life.

So no excuses, I will go have an AMAZING leg workout after work and you will keep going strong or start over. You will see, the weight comes off when you follow the diet properly, work hard and see results fast!

Be healthy! You can do it!



  1. When I have a workout planned, I change into my workout clothes as soon as I get home. Of course, my workouts are AT home. Do you stop off at home before going to the gym? You could change as soon as you get home, before you leave for the gym. It's harder to avoid the workout when you're already dressed for it.

  2. That was one inspirational blog! I know your motivation will come back, you sound to strong for it not to. I am just about to head under my house and do some jogging and weights, my motivation has also been slacking this last week with exercise so time to get it moving again!!

  3. My Dear Dietress-- should you ever need motivation, simply read your own blog!! It does it for me all the time :) I look forward to the workouts you talk about in the future. For now, they are not going to happen-- at age 45, and still hovering at the 300 mark, my knees are waiting for a few more pounds gone before I get on with. Being this heavy for so many years has put strain on everything, of course. I dream of running, however. Me, who sits on the computer and prefers to read in bed over just about anything else, dreams of running, and feeling good doing it.. I've never run in my life- not sure I've even jogged, lol- but perhaps some day in the future (near) that's what I'll be doing!