Sunday, 6 May 2012

You Don’t Think You Can Do It: Right Frame of Mind When Starting

Thanks to a friend for the inspiration for this post. Love you and good luck!

Now, I am always saying that any diet works when you are in the right frame of mind when you begin it, with more thought this is simply not true because when Prawn and I started Dukan neither of us was in the right frame of mind, at all.

I was told about the diet by my Grand-maman, as I’m sure you all know. Lovely woman, lost an incredible 75 lbs while following Dukan, and has maintained the weight loss since Christmas.

She gave me the book and I thought it was a huge joke. You couldn’t eat carrots while on the diet, carrots. Absolutely ridiculous. The Dukan Diet became a big laughable thing in my household and I didn’t take it seriously at all.

She made me read the book, and I did. The only reason I started it was because the diet made sense to me, but I never thought I would succeed. I didn’t think I would lose the weight and keep it off, and I especially didn’t think I would get the results I ended up getting.

I remember seeing the TW date Dukan gave me on the website. February 6th 2012. I thought that was hilarious, a huge joke. Just not possible I could stick with it that long. There was no doubt in my mind I would be back to eating regularly by the end of the month. So really, I was not in the ‘right frame of mind’ at all.

Prawn was the same way. He never did Dukan for himself. Since the very beginning it was just to support me (great guy). He figured he would do it until I messed up and quit, which would be less than a week, and then he would be back to eating regularly as well. No sweat.

Now look at what he has gotten himself into!

When I try something, I usually hit a road block and quit. What is so funny is that I did hit a road block, day 2 when I cheated… and for some reason I kept going. I guess this diet was meant to be.

So you see? Not in the right place mentally, didn’t think I would do well, and I DID. Sometimes even if you are doubtful about yourself you just need to take the first step and something clicks. Don’t give up!

The same thing can be said for my recent fitness attempts. I have tried everything to get myself motivated to get to the gym, nothing ever works. I am absolutely not in the right frame of mind but somehow I have managed to get my butt to the gym for 5 weeks in a row now. Are you kidding me?

I don’t think I can really succeed in this bodybuilding world, I look at the other competitors and think to myself… no way. I will never look like that, but who knows? I’m putting in the effort, it will pay off, it’s just a matter of time, dedication, and continuing on this journey!

So take that first step, you will regret not having started sooner.

& If you don’t succeed, keep taking that first step, or you will never get anywhere. Cross that attempt off your list and try something differently. You don’t need to be in the right place when you start, as long as you end in the right frame of mind, you can do it!



  1. This is an excellent post!
    I truly believe once you start with something, it gets easier to keep going.
    I'm sure if you did quit working out, you would miss it so much. We are adaptable beings, so we can get used to it, even better when is something good for you.
    I also don't work out for now but it is a habit I want to get into.

    1. I just need to stick with it, follow my dreams. Working out feels great now, didn't before. I would spend like 10 minutes at the gym and then leave. Now I find myself staying over an hour and feeling sad when I have to go!

      Thank you. :)

      Start with babysteps, you will find yourself loving it too!

  2. Thank you for keeping your posts current. It has taken quite some time for me to find a consistent and recent blog that I can gain encouragement by reading. That's really all I wanted to say for now. Keep up your work, you are doing well!!!

    1. Would you believe I was just telling Prawn maybe I should slow down with my posts? I wasn't sure there was anyone reading.

      Well thank you for your motivation here, and I guess I have to keep posting. Ah well. ;) :D

  3. I have been reading your blog and gained so much motivation from it. As S.O.S. says, thanks for updating them regularly. I am starting Attack today. So wish me luck & I hope that I have as much success as you (& Prawn) have. You both look amazing!

    1. Good luck dear, if you keep up at it, it's impossible not to gain amazing results from this diet. Just don't give up and don't cheat!

      Time passes by faster than you would think.

  4. I too am a new follower. Day 7 of Cruise Phase. I check in daily. I appreciate your posts and look forward to watching you take this new journey. You will do great.

  5. Hi There, Can I ask if you are still following the diet? I started it mid Januaryu and have lost 8.5kgs - ive stalled now as I am cheating a lot!!! Every weekend i have been drinking alcohol and having 1 or 2 celebration meals - the weight hasnt gone back on but i have stalled from loosing - im hovering around 65.5kgs and my target is 63kgs. I really need help to get back into the diet - i was so discipled at the start and since i started cheating and saw it didnt hae massive impacts i have nopw gone back to my old social life..... Monday - Friday im very good, pure protein breakfasts and lunch and PV dinners (i know, still cheating but not too bad!) the weekends then is a different story!

    Nt sure if I start back on attack or just continue on a 1:1 PP/PV routine and cut out the cheat days? Im just struggling to find any motivation to stick it out!
    Any advise at all would be greatly appreciated!