Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bad Health News for The Prawn’s Dad

Oh wow.

I have some very sad news to share with you guys, something that has really hit home.
Prawns father has been diagnosed with diabetes :(

I’m sure a lot of my readers have been in the same place as us, back when Prawn and I were overweight we constantly feared getting to the point where we would ourselves get diabetes. I was always so afraid for Prawn and he was afraid for me but both of us thought ourselves invincible. I didn’t think I could possibly get diabetes, even though my parents were also fearful for my health because of my absolutely horrid eating habits.

I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, but I know Prawn was crying, very upset over it all.

I am really terrible at comforting people. I tried explaining to him that in some cases if the person changes their eating habits drastically diabetes is reversible. That people live their entire, full lives with diabetes. That he has options like insulin and changing his lifestyle around that can help him through this whole process.
I have a co-worker who has diabetes and she is healthy and happy.

That it’s not the end of the world.

But I was very sad for him, well both Prawn and his dad. This is very stressful and sad news. Especially since Prawns father doesn’t really communicate his feelings. Prawns mom says he will take up biking and start eating better, but last night they ordered pizza (my favourite pizza… almost killed me). So I’m not too sure about the eating habits thing.

I guess we will see in time.

We live with his parents currently, I just wish everyone at the house was more open to a Dukan, Paleo way of eating. They are all into processed foods and laugh at our dieting while also thinking it’s too strict, harsh, and that we are clearly suffering while on it.

Simply not true, but they are set in their thoughts.

Prawn wishes he could take his dad aside and just yell at him for letting his eating habits get so bad. Just tell him he is starting Dukan tomorrow and that is final. He can’t obviously, it’s his dad. I’m sure this is a really difficult time for The Prawn, poor guy.

I’m fortunate to have a happy, healthy family of my own. My mom eats raw vegan, my dad has lost over 50 lbs and looks amazing, my sister has lost about 40 lbs and is a total gym rat. My young siblings are into sports, jujitsu, and physical activity. I’m very lucky they will all live long, healthy lives.

I can’t even imagine knowing your families eating habits are being detrimental to their health and being helpless on the subject. I’m even happier now, looking back, that Prawn joined me on this journey, because at 351 lbs he was definitely heading towards diabetes himself. So scary.



  1. Sad times. Would Prawn's dad be willing to give you one month to help him. Just change his eating for 1 month and see how he feels? Perhaps this could be something you suggest once the bad news has settled a bit. Good luck. Can't be easy. You do so well resisting the foods you miss.

  2. I am sorry for Prawn's dad - only he can help himself though and unfortunately the medical community will still say to eat carbs. I know a lady who has been recently diagnosed and she just continues on her merry way to destruction like nothing has happened. Crazy.

  3. It's quite baffling that even after seeing the results of the two of you, they still don't think it is something that clearly works well and is not really hard to maintain if you can handle yourself :)

    Pass on my wishes to The Prawn and family.

    Just a gentle reminder that diabetes can strike anyone, my father in law is thinner than twiggy ever was and eats pretty healthy fare and he was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago. He can't change his diet because there is nothing to change, he was just one of the unlucky ones.



  4. My dad has had diabetes for about 15 years and has slowly got worse and worse. He lost his eyesight, then had laser eye surgery. He used to get so weak he could only take 5 steps before having to sit down. He could build up his strength with exercise and would be able to play squash, but if he stopped it would go back to the beginning. Unfortunately it's got worse and he's had 7 toes amputated over the last couple of years and can just about get out of bed and walk now. Me and my siblings are always on at him, but unless he wants to change it wont happen. He has improved his diet a lot lately though and is gaining his strength back bit by bit. Its an awful disease and if you could prevent it or stop it you think you'd jump at the chance, in hindsight. Ive sometimes told my dad off and its been really hard to do for both of us. Its difficult to accept, but I hope Prawn and his dad are ok. Sometimes you need a shock to change something, maybe his dad will listen to him and change his diet. Good luck!