About Me

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Hello! :)
I am the DukanDietress. I have lost 110 lbs on the Dukan Diet.

I started the Attack Phase on June 10th 2011. I followed it for 10 days and lost 8.4 lbs.
I continued onto phase 2 losing the rest of my weight during the next (almost) 8 months. Now I am on phase 3, loving life, the diet, and my new body.

I created this blog once I started phase 3 because I was being asked so many questions over facebook from my fb friends, about this diet, my eating habits, exercise, everything. I would leave for work for the day and come back to at least 8 new messages. They all read the same but I would give all these women my personal message, explain the diet, answer their questions. & Then I was finding I didn't have enough time to give everyone a thorough answer, so I made this general answer-blog to respond to everyones questions.

A lot of people want to know if what they are experiencing is normal when they start any diet or start losing weight rapidly. I really hope to answer everyones questions. Nothing is too personal, no amount of questions is 'annoying'. I have had people track down my cellphone number, my home phone number to ask me for advice, or have a question answered. To be honest though, if you aren't on my fb I would prefer answering your questions and concerns through this blog. ;)

Truly, good luck with your weight loss journeys, with your good health. I will keep sharing my experiences of this diet with you until I stop having experiences (presumably August 10th 2013, when I move onto phase 4!).

Love you all.



  1. Wow, that's amazing! We've had success on the Dukan Diet too, but not like you! Congrats!

  2. I have come to your blog ever since I first found it through the facebook Dukan page. You have such great insight, humor and generosity. Thank you for doing this! I am 25 pounds down of the 34 I am scheduled to lose, and your blog has been a constant inspiration! All the best to you!


    1. Thank you so much, and good luck! You are so close! Don't give up and don't cheat.

      You will see, in a blink the pounds will be off and you can be on your skinny little way.