Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What About When You Are Done? Gaining All the Weight Back...

So you might be worried, and people might tell you: Once you are done the diet you will gain all the weight back! Twice over even!

This is simply not true and I will tell you why.

I'm not ready to talk about phase 3 (the one I am currently on) because I only started a few days ago and don't have enough experience to give you a solid understanding.

I can tell you however, with only a few days of this phase... that it's amazing so far. Really really great.


So what is different about this diet, that guarantees that you wont put all the weight back on when it's over?!

I'll tell you what.
But first, an explanation:

Our bodies are always trying to get back to the largest they ever were. Our bodies have a memory and are always aching to be back at that heaviest weight. Which is why when you are done a diet like Atkins for example, and you go back to eating all the food you were not allowed to eat, you pack on the pounds like crazy.

The Dukan Diet doesn't let go of your hand.

Phase 3 lasts 5 days for every pound you lose, and reintroduces very slowly the foods you have not been able to eat up until this point. Tricking your body into believing that it's new weight is the heaviest it's ever been.

So when you go back to eating like normal, you have been on the diet long enough to form life-lasting good habits, AND your body believes it's at the weight it should be and doesn't assimilate calories crazy fast causing you to gain all your weight back.