Monday, 20 February 2012

Body Image Issues

The only reason I am making this a topic is because of the really overwhelming feedback I have received on the subject.

I have had a couple readers bring up something really hard to hear and really personal. Body image issues. I have been told by a few people who are being way too hard on themselves, that they hate their bodies, that they hate themselves and are embarassed or ashamed of their bodies.

This really hit a nerve with me since, I am in that same boat. Not was in the same boat, currently sitting in that boat with you.

I mean sure, I have lost 110 lbs. I am at a normal weight, no longer the fat friend. I should be happy with myself but I  am not. I am sure it's not only me, body image issues are a deep psychological problem that don't get completely fixed by fixing yourself, weight-wise.

I walk around more confidently, smile a lot. I am happy. But you can't assume that means I love myself. Because I do not.

I can't tell you not to hate your body. I can't fix your problems with yourself. Something caused you to over eat and I can't fix that either.

I can only hope to make you realise that you aren't alone in having body issues, in being self conscious. You really can't walk around hiding your body. You are who you are, and you are here, you are trying to make yourself healthy and that is amazing.

So I think you are pretty cool.

Have some confidence!

I thought I was hideous and still do sometimes. I was at the point where I hated my body so much I was doing physical harm to myself. You can't get to that point. So stop with the excuses and learn to love yourself. This is so important to me.

The most overwhelming comment I get is that I was always beautiful, but now I am healthy.

All that to say, you are beautiful too, stop with the negative attitude. If you are doubting the fact that you are gorgeous: send me a picture. I will tell you exactly how wonderful and beautiful you are. For reals.

You need to get healthy, not beautiful or handsome... healthy. Because if you are truly hideous, you will still be hideous skinny. That's just how it works. Your face doesn't change, you just walk around lighter.

So think more positively, start or continue your journey for health, and weight loss.
You are awesome.


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