Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Pros and Cons of Weighing Yourself Daily

I weighed myself daily from the begining of this journey.
The problem with doing so is you get in the habit and when you go a day without doing so you get kindof antsy. It can be discouraging for some people to not see the scale go down for days or months at a time if you hit a really rough plateau.

If you weight yourself every day, please don't get unmotivated by the numbers! I would hate for someone to be doing well, hit their first plateau and then quit because they are discouraged by the unmoving scale.

I'm telling your right now, as someone who weighed themselves every day, when I look at the graph made from collecting my 8 months worth of data, it's up and down and up and a little more down, and up again. But the point is that it EVENTUALLY GOES DOWN. When you weigh yourself every day you only focus on the fact that from yesterday it went up, you can't see that it had gone down by 2 lbs the day before and you are still 25 lbs down from your start weight. So keep trucking.

I remember Prawn had once hit a month and a half plateau, where in that time he gained 3 lbs and his body was just not budging down. It happens, and he was really discouraged and wanted to quit the diet (I wouldn't let him lol). So for someone like Prawn, weighing himself every day would have probably not been a good thing, but since he was in the habit, he did it and got very discouraged.

The pro of weighing yourself every day is you can tell if what you ate yesterday is something that would make you gain weight... let me explain.

I would eat extra lean ground beef every once and a while on this diet, because you are allowed. I ate it until I saw the trend that whenever I would eat extra lean ground beef I would gain minimum a pound the next day. So I switched and now I eat lean ground turkey.

Doesn't happen to everyone, but because I weighed myself every day I could eventually see that.
You can also keep yourself motivated if you are in a period of losing weight consistantly. Seeing a pound weight loss in a day when you are having a sad or dissapointing day with other aspects of your life can really boost your confidence.

Whatever the choice you make, to weigh yourself once a week, once a day, or even several times a day, just stick with it and never get unmotivated by what the scale says. As long as you stick with this diet and do as Dr Dukan says, you will lose the weight. It's impossible for it not to come off eventually!



  1. Thanks for sharing your experience,it's really inspiring! I'm still in the attack phase, and still a bit suspicious about the results, but it really helps to see a "real person" relating real results. Congratulations - for the blog and for the excellent transformation!

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