Thursday, 16 February 2012

"One Bite Wont Make You Gain It All Back" & Other Things You Are Bound To Hear From Absolutely Everybody While On This Diet...

In this post I will share with you comments I have heard from quite a few people, that you are almost definetally going to be told while on this or any other strict diet. In another post I will tell you about some more-rare terrible things I have been told, and how you too can deal with an unsupportive, mean friend.

I have had a lot of very supportive people stick with me through this continuing journey. I have been fortunate. But it happens to everyone, including myself, you have those not-as-supportive friends who worry and those really-not-supportive people who try to bring you down.

Don't let anyone get into your head. You are an adult who can make your own decisions. Of course, this is assuming you don't have any medical reason to not follow this diet. Always check with your physicial and listen to friends and family who are noticing weird behaviour or malnutrition on your part.

That being said, here are some things you are going to be told from almost absolutely everybody:

One Bite Wont Make You Gain It All Back

So you are out to dinner with your friends, your family, anyone really. You look at the menu, order your food. Either you cannot find something to eat at this restaurant so you treat yourself with diet pop while everyone else orders, or ou are struggling finding something you are allowed to eat, and settle on a steak or salad, OR you order but as the waitress: please no corn, no butter, no sauce, no etc etc, I'm on a strict diet.

Any of these work for the scenario. Whoever is keeping you company might be worried about the diet, since it is very strict. They are worried about you, care about you. They might be jealous of your weight loss and willpower, they might just not care. But they say those words I have heard from almost absolutely every person I have eaten with... One bite wont make you gain it all back.

Yes, of course you are aware of this. I am aware of this as well. One fry, one bite of something that is considered cheating, will not make me gain my 110lbs back, it wont make you gain it all back, or even a big chunk. You can walk away from having cheated and not be affected at all.

Why don't you want to take even a single bite of cheat, even though you are aware you wont gain it all back?

For me, it's a mixed response, I don't want ot even have one bite, because I am scared that it will open a floodgate of cheating. That one bite is equal to another bite next week, then two bites later on. Next thing I know I am cheating every day and I've blown the diet.

I also feel that one bite of cheating will slow down my weight loss, you might not gain but you might plateau, you might not lose as much weight as you could have lost if you hadn't had that one bite. It's just not worthit. You want to be finished the diet earlier rather than later. Why would you stretch out the experience on purpose?

Also, you  need to realise, it's not that you can't have that one bite. It's that you wont. You are making the decision not to eat that thing becaus eyou don't want to. Why does this person feel the need to change your mind if you just don't want to eat it?

If someone is tellin gyou this (and I'll be honest, they will) the best defense is to say calmly but sternly that you do not want to eat the pie or whatever. That you just simply do not want to. The person has to respect your decision.

You Are Making Me Feel Guilty (For Eating In Front Of You)

The last thing you want when you are on a strict diet that ostracises you in restaurants and when visiting friends and family is for someone to make you feel guilty because you are making them feel guilty.

I understand that when someone is dieting and you are not, that person can feel guilty because they feel like they are tempting you by eating foods you are not allowed to eat in front of you. Sometimes people will offer to eat Dukan Diet friendly food so that you don't feel temptation.

I say, bring the temptation on! You aren't weak,  you wont see them eating their Chinese Food and feel sad for yourself or deprived & even if you do, you wont succumb to the temptation just because it's right in front of your face.

I know if will make you feel guilty when someone else feels like they need to act differently around you because you are dieting. You just need to brush it off. They care about you. They will do what they want, but you can explain to whoever that you are ok with them eating regularily in front of you and not to treat you differently. You are strong and it's all ok.

Yes, But When You Are Done the Diet You Will Gain All The Weight Back (and More)

Please take a look at the post I have special for this. It really bothers me when people assume I have the willpower to follow a diet like this and lose the weight but not the willpower to follow the maintenance phase to keep it off forever.

There IS a maintenance phase which keeps you on track by slowly reintroducing foods that were banned from the first 2 phases. the person just has to believe that you will follow the diet until the end and keep the weight off forever.

I Don't Like the Term 'Diet'... What You Have To Do Is A LIFESTYLE Change

This one really bothers me. Not sure why.

This is how I see it. The Dukan Diet IS a diet. To lose the weight you follow a diet. Phases one and two are a diet, to lose the weight forever. You could not follow the attack and cruise phases for life, it's impossible. You would waste away to nothing.

Following the first 2 phases, however, gives you the tools necessary to make a lifestyle change that will last you through the last 2 phases, to keep the weight off for life. The end goal is to change your eating habits, learn to cook, be a healthier person. It is a diet that leads to a lifestyle change.



  1. I completely agree with this post. It's not that I can't...It's that I won't!!

    Many thanks :D