Monday, 27 February 2012

Portion Control and the Dukan Diet

Your results may vary, I'm talking specifically about Prawn and I and our experience with the diet. You need to remember that we did lose over a hundred pounds each and have been following the diet for almost 9 months.

In the beginning of our dieting journey we would eat a lot. I'm talking a lot of food here: 6 whole eggs a day, a full roast to ourselves for dinner or two steaks, kosher beef hot dogs, and turkey burgers. We went from overeating bad foods to overeating allowed foods and we were dropping weight like crazy. I could eat so much, late at night, and still lose weight the next day and it was this way for months.

At this point I would tell people following the diet that it's not all about portion control. I would tell people it was all about what foods you ate, eat until you are stuffed and lose weight. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

To everyone I mislead with this information... my bad. Having followed the diet for a while now and gained some experience I can tell you that there gets a point where yes, portion control matters. Maybe we would lose so much weight even though we were stuffing outselves because we were both so big to start, maybe because in the beginning of the diet your body hasn't had a chance to react to portion sizes... I don't know. All I do know is that around month 6-7 of the diet I started noticing that portion control was the only thing making the scale move any further down... and having not controlled my portions the entire diet I was kindof thrown for a loop.

I thought my weight had slowed down because of an extra-long plateau. This is possible. During the last month of phase 2, however, I tropped weight almost as rapidly as during the beginning and what did I do differently? I cut out dairy, stopped snacking after supper, and controlled my portions. The weight was just melting off.

I think it's important especially in the beginning to make sure you are always full. You don't need hunger pangs to make you feel any worse when on this diet. It's very strict and if you were to restrict the quantity of food you eat I feel like there would be an increased risk of cheating. So eat until you are full, but if you see the weight loss start slowing down, cut down on your portions! Never so that you are hungry, just cut down slightly and see how you feel.



  1. Thank you. I just started on day 5 today and I have been eating a lot of protein and I was a little worried if I needed to control it a bit because it kinda seemed to good to be true lol. Now I am sure I can take the restrictions of portion at least off.