Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Going Out to Restaurants On Phase 2

So I can't tell you what to eat at every restaurant you will ever go to. To be honest, I have practically stopped going to restaurants myself, going from maybe 5 restaurant meals a week before starting this diet, to 1 restaurant meal a week in the begining and now none.

But, it happens. You get asked by friends to celebrate a friends birthday, you go for a date or what have you. Anyways, doesn't matter how you got there, you are at a restaurant.

You are not in your safe kitchen where you know all the ingredients that are going in whatever is going on your plate. Scary. But manageable. You can always google the menu before going. There are some places where you might know you can't eat, try to stear clear. I have had to go to restaurants with friends where there was no food I could eat. Be strong, your friends understand. Grab a giant glass of diet pop and watch. Enjoy their company. You will be off the diet soon and wont even remember that one time you all went to such and such restaurant and you sat there being the life of the party while everyone ate :P

So, safe bet is steak. I am super-paranoid and always specify, no matter what restaurant I am in or what I am ordering: "I am on a very strict diet, I cannot eat any oil or butter, please make sure that there is no oil or butter on any of my food. Thank you so much."
You might feel stupid for having to say it, or like you stand out from whoever is keeping you company, but it's better than having to send it back when the food comes drenched in butter or having to eat it anyways and gaining weight the next day.

So, steak is usually safe. During the cruise phase it you could eat the veggies it comes with. I always ask for an extra salad (no dressing) or extra vegetables instead of the starch that would usually come with your plate.

I'll warn you, you might get looks. But it's ok, because you look fabulous :)
& Although it might seem a little weird to your friends, with time they will come to expect it from you when you go out, and they wont judge you for it, you are trying to be healthy!

In some places you can eat the salmon, or other seafood, as long as you make sure to tell them: No sauce, no dressing, no butter. The server might get annoyed but hey. You are on a strict diet. So be it.

Another safe bet is salad, (No dressing, no croutons, no corn, no blah blah blah) just read the menu and tell them what you cannot eat.

I have never gone to a restaurant where they completely ignored my request and tried to sabotage me. I have never gone to a restaurant where they refused or didn't understand. Most of the servers ended up asking me about the diet or congratulating me on the weight loss. It seems like a big deal but they don't really care as long as you ask nicely.

So don't be self conscious. Speak up and enjoy your experience.



  1. This is a helpful reminder to ask for what I want. Thanks for the clear language suggestions with waiters.

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  3. This guide is a good resource to help with eating out on a diet.

    It has a bunch of the really popular restaurants on there with multiple items for each.