Monday, 27 February 2012

Vacation Time! (& Some Thoughts On Food and Culture)

Something you, my reader, get to look forward to: I'm going on vacation! You know what that means? I get some new experiences to share with you, yoopi!

I'm going ot Florida and Louisiana for a week and a half. I'm very excited, even though I have heard some amazing things about New Orleans food and am pretty nervous about being surrounded by all that delicious temptation...

So if you are following any diet and going on vacation, fearful for the temptations that lie abroad, it's ok. I'll try and walk you through it. Although you feel thta it's your vacation, so you should be allowed to cheat a little, you shouldn't. Why would you let food control your vacation like that? Get rid of that mentality.

I guess you have to shift your thinking. The food of the world is a part of the culture you are visiting. You want to try all the different stuff, truly experience the culture. This is the way I thin about travelling. It's difficult to change your way of thinking. At least I am on phase 3 so I will get 2 celebration meals on vacation. If you are on phase 2 and are stuck with just meat and veggies I can see how it would be almost heartbreaking to not be able to eat and enjoy the different foods of the world.

I think it will be heard, but you can always experience the spices, the different cuts of allowed meat, the different vegetables grown. Why do we put so much importance on ingesting heavy or unhealthy meals just because they were prepared in a different country or region? Can someone have a good vacation by just experiencing the things the place has to offer, not the food? Why can't I go to Universal on my vacation and have a great time even though I can't sip on Butterbeer or eat hot dogs and fries?

So you have some interesting posts to look forward to: The Dukan Diet on Vacation. Let's see if I can help guide you through your adventures abroad.

Also, looking forward to coming back with a tan. Oooh yea, this is a well deserved vacation.



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  2. I live in South Louisiana, and grew up in New Orleans, so I know what you mean about the food. It is amazing...and why I am now starting the Dukan Diet. (or WW if I can't stick with the all protein and no wine bit.)

  3. Thanks for finally writing about > "Vacation Time! (& Some Thoughts On Food and Culture)" < Liked it!

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