Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What Can You Drink?

During phases 1 and 2 of the diet the only things you can drink are water, diet pop, mineral water, and skim milk. You can drink tea, herbal tea and coffee.

Now diet pop is really bad for you. I have read that there is a chemical in diet pop that is also a part of formaldehyde... Gross!

But I can't lie, and I'm not a hypocrite, I drink WAY too much diet pop. Some nights I'll drink over 2L of diet coke or root beer all to myself. I think I use this as a way to cope with not eating as much sugary food and as a way to stop myself from snacking during the night.

I also use it as a way to fit in at parties and when I go out to restaurants or bars, since I can't drink alcohol and sometimes I can't find something that I am allowed to eat on the menu at pubs or restaurants. I drink my diet pop. Trick myself into not feeling deprived.

If I were you, healthy and strong person reading this blog post. I would try to avoid drinking too much diet pop. You are better than that :P But when you are feeling deprived or need a bit of a 'sugar' rush, You can turn to it as something ot help you through.


(Thanks to a reader for the question!)


  1. Hi I have a dukan blog also and I am so glad to finally find yours. I started my diet Jan 2012 and lost 40 lbs by July but went off of it Aug and now on it again Sept. For diet drinks in Canada you can find in some grocery stores or order online, a line of pop called zevia and another called krisda. Both use stevia and eyrithirtol. I also got used to xylitol in my coffee. Prefer it to sugar now. I love your blog cause I also got into weight training but it did not help me lose weight. I have questions about that but it will keep that for another time. Dee
    PS you dont have to post my url :)

  2. also, if you can't handle drinking 1 1/2 quarts (3 bottles of water a day) I add a drink stick mixes from NOW brand. They flavor the water and add vitamins. It gets it down much easier. Stay away from splenda/sucralose and aspartame. This is sweetened with safe stevia and xylitol etc.

  3. What about non alcoholic beverages...can any of you morons comment about that?????