Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Oat Bran and the Gallette

These are the 2 different oat brans I buy. The first 2 pictures are the ones you will find at Walmart or other grocery stores. The 3rd photo is the one I buy at Sobeys. About 3- something $.

You can buy organic oat bran in the cereal department of Sobeys and I have found a box of regular oat bran in most other grocery stores. like 3 bucks, really cheap and you only use about 2 tbsp a day.

For me I found the oat bran gallette to be trial and error.

Over the 8 months I have followed the diet I have tried many variations. Here are some of them.

1) The first version of the gallette I made was to not make one at all. I didn't buy oat bran because I didn't know where to find some and then I was just plain lazy. But did you know if you deprive your body completely of carbs your brain stops working? So... bad.

2) I finally bought some oat bran and started incorporating it into my yogurt. Just putting some in like granola. Tastes absolutely delicious. Don't leave it in too long or it becomes soggy.

3) When I first started actually making the gallette I would take several eggs (like 3) and crack them in a bowl, mix in a satchet of sweetner and 2 tbsp of oat bran. Mix it all with a fork and make into a pancake on the stove. Very eggy.

4) I have fidgetted around with the measurements over the months but the most current way I eat my oat bran is to take one egg and beat it in a bowl, then I take my satchet of sweetner, put it in. Then I take two tbsp of oat bran and the same amount of plain greek yogurt or 35 cal no sugar added, non-fat fruit yogurt cups 0%. Mix it all together and make into a pancake.

It's like eating desert or a fancy pancake breakfast. I dip it in the rest of the yogurt in the little tub thing or eat it on it's own. Delicious and manditory.



  1. Ok I have been trying the "galette" but with no success, I have been using your recipe but it is really soft and breaks when I try to flip it over! Should I try doing it in the microwave???? I don't know how you dip it in yogurt, mine seems more omelette consistency....maybe I should let the oat bran soak more of the wet ingredients up? Help!!!

    1. I don't let the oat bran soak. I think you are flipping it too soon, or maybe spreading it too thinly on your pan.

      I doubt it's the pan size though, I have made mine into very thin creeps and they still flipped. Just be patient and cook them for a while before flipping. They should be at least 2/3 the way cooked through before you flip.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I think it was these darn Italian gas stoves( either too hot or not hot enough)... I tried placing parchment paper in the pan and reducing the heat....it worked! When it's cooked I just peeled the paper off and voila! Thanks again for your help!

  3. Have you ever tried Hemp Protein. Its Higher fiber and less fat and carbs than Oat bran. Just curious.