Thursday, 16 February 2012

Phase 3 - Overview

This is the phase I am currently on. I have only been on this phase for almost 3 weeks now, so I don't have nearly enough experience with it to give you a good solid understanding. Hopefully through the next little while of me writing these posts I will have more personal details to give you about this phase.

So, the first 2 phases are to lose the weight. Now either you have hit the weight you want to be at or you are quitting the diet before having hit your goal weight, either way you are now on phase 3, congratulations!

This is where the fun begins.

So now you have to do the most important part of the diet, maintaining your weight loss for LIFE.

So far phase 3 has been glorious for me. Think of it this way: In the attack phase you have so little choice. It gets boring and repititious. The second phase comes along and you are just thrilled that you can have a little more variety by adding those vegetables.

Well in phase 3, even more variety. I feel (so far) like I could do this phase for an eternity... and I will basically have to do so because you do phase 3 for 5 days for every pound you lose. So I have 550 days of this phase to do, until August 10th 2013. Oof.

What is different about phase 3?
This phase gradually reintroduces all the food that you have been depriving yourself of for the past however long you have been on the Dukan Diet.

Every day you are now allowed as much protein as you want (same as the other phases), as well as veggies every day, also unlimited.

Every day you have to eat 2 slices of whole grain bread, 40g of cheese, and a serving of fruit (more on all these later).

One meal a week is a starch meal and one meal a week is a celebration meal. Halway through phase 3 these meals double. I will give you more details later.

The last part of phase 3 is that one day a week (and all through phase 4, for the rest of your life) you will have a pure protein day (attack phase).