Friday, 24 February 2012

Yet Another Reason Not to Cheat

As if you need yet another reason, but here is a realisation I have made that maybe you need to hear:

Having been on this diet for 8 1/2 months so far, I need to tell you I have suffered through probably every kind of temptation. If anyone knows how hard it is following such strict diet, well, it's me. Having been on phase 3 now for a little over 2 weeks I will tell you straight up, eating all these foods I had been banned from eating prior, I didn't miss them. I thought I missed pasta, pizza, cheese... I was wrong.

Eating my first pasta meal the other day for instance, felt weird. It felt as if I hadn't been 8 months without it, as if the last time I had eaten pasta was only a few days before. This is when I realised that I did not miss it.

My point here is that time goes by so quickly. I can only tell you about maybe 4 to 5 different temptation instances out of the thousands that happened int he past 8 months. I don't remember the rest of the times. I don't remember the times I said no to food I wanted and instead opted for Dukan friendly alternatives. You know what I would remember? That time I gave in to temptation and did cheat. I would always remember that moment and feel really negatively about it. Personally I would feel like a failure, even if I got back on the wagon.

So, just know that in even as little time as a few days, a few hours, you wont remember that your friends were all eating pizza and you had nothing. You will always remember if you gave in and had a slice, and you just might hate yourself for it. How do you avoid this? Just don't bother cheating. You will be finished the diet in the blink of an eye, and then you can move on with your new life, skinny, healthy, and so PROUD.



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