Tuesday, 15 May 2012

An Absolutely Terrible Diet, Ugh

A lady came into my work yesterday and we started chatting. I work in an entirely French speaking work environment and every once in a while an English speaking customer will come in and I love to start up conversations with them. I can speak French fluently, but an English conversation just breaks up the monotony of my job, if you know what I’m saying.

So, we are chatting and she mentions her breasts, how they are large and annoying. I was in a diet-speaking mood so I chimed in with the ‘Oh I know, you have no idea. I used to have 40 E cups and blah blah blah I lost 110 lbs.’

She informed me that 6 years ago, she went on a diet (I will not disclose the name, mostly because I’m not sure how it is spelt, but also, for legal reasons) where she paid 5000$ (Yep, 5000$!) and got injections in her tummy, had to eat 900 calories a day, and lost 60 lbs in 2 months…



Sign me up! (I’m TOTALLY kidding)

Losing that much weight so fast made her really sick, she had kidney failure, it was all really bad.

I just looked at her with my mouth hanging. She told me how hungry she was following this diet and how sick she got after, with frequent visits to the hospital.

So, of course, I told this fab woman about Dukan, how it changed my life, how it didn’t cost squat (well, other than purchasing the book, which actually, I never bought, my grand-maman bought it for me)

How I never starved myself, how there were no nasty needles with belly bruising for weeks after. How it was way healthier than whatever this diet was doing to her and how crazy she was for doing that to herself, poor thing.

How the weight loss was gradual, but still fast enough to keep you motivated.

Just… a way better diet than this shit she was on before. What in the world?

I still can’t get over it.

Oh yeah, and she did gain all the weight back after all that. Ugh.

You guys, make smart choices today.



  1. I've done some pretty crazy stuff to lose weight in the past myself, but whatever the loss was, I gained all the weight back, plus some more. Is not worthy to have too fast results, your body just doesn't get used to it.
    I feel really different being on Dukan. It is even kinda strange to me to feel I am on the control. I am loving it!
    Thank's for sharing the story. It's good to remind us the easy path hardly is the best one.

  2. $5000 and injections... Yuck yuck yuck. Did she sound keen to try Dukan?

    1. She did, I gave her the information, I really hope she considers it. I mean, if she could survive through 900 cal days and injections, bruising, all that junk, she will thrive on an easy and simple diet like Dukan.

      I'm excited for her.