Saturday, 5 May 2012

Accountability Check

So I know this cannot seem like a big deal, but today is the third day of ‘eating clean’ I have succeeded (so far) in a row.

Now the Dukan Diet is strict enough, this whole ‘eating clean’ business is killer. It’s especially difficult because I know that according to Dukan I could totally eat non fat dairy for instance, but this whole bodybuilding diet doesn’t allow me to… but I am still allowed to on Dukan… See how my brain is working?

It’s very difficult and before St. Louis I was really struggling with some things, I was eating steaks and pork chops, I had yogurt, was eating way too big portions, and eating fruit in the afternoon sometimes, and was eating more than a single portion of fruit, etc.

During St Louis I barely even tried, I ate Dukan-friendly but because food was such a stress for me, and I didn’t want to starve, I just dropped the bodybuilding diet completely.

First day back my ‘new, stricter diet’ was also dropped.

But for two days now, and today, I have been doing well. Eating tuna, mustard, boiled chicken, green beans, egg whites broccoli, cauliflower…

No carbs after my breakfast gallette, no fruit in the afternoons, I have been rocking it!

Oh, and I totally motivated myself to do 2 days of gym straight, an hour of weight lifting each time!

I’m on the ball!

This diet is very strict. My goal is to do 2 weeks of this ‘modified cruise phase’ and hopefully (apparently) then it will be easier. Fingers crossed.

I am still allowed one cheat meal a week, although I have seen a few people indulge and eat steak and baked potato for these meals I plan on having whatever I want/ am craving, same rules as Dukan.
Today marks 5 weeks of working out consistently actually, which is pretty huge for me, the girl who 5 weeks ago hadn’t gone two days straight at the gym in… ever.

I have been taking an underwear shot, in the same sports bra and zebra print boxers, front and back every Friday since starting this. I think this week I will see some actual results finally and am pumped to get home and get the picture taken.

After my after-work-workout of course.

Tonight for supper, boiled basa fish with egg whites and green beans. Woohoo, no cheating no matter what! I will keep working hard to get my bodybuilding body!

Hope this motivation keeps for my 2 weeks. This is hard you guys.

Do you need to be kept accountable for anything? Let me know, and I'll be sure to be incredibly dissapointed in you if you don't stick with it, as you should all be if I don't keep up this clean eating thing. ;)


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