Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tulip Ball at the Irish Ambassadors Home

So a couple nights ago I attended the Tulip Ball at the home of the Irish Ambassador (as I’m sure you could gather by the title of this blog post, you smartie pants you.)

It was just absolutely lovely. I wore one of my favourite new dresses I bought at Value Village for like 11 bucks, total steal, it fits me like a glove.

I find it shows off my new biceps, but all my friends freaked out and said I look fab so, I looked fab you guys.

His home was just beautiful, columns everywhere, a gorgeous basement perfect for the ceili dancing that took place that night. It was nice. I was invited as part of the Ottawa Youth and had a marvellous time.

They were circling appetisers the entire night. They looked… way too good. Didn’t have a single bite but seriously… they looked scrumptious. Yummy mixes like croissants, strawberries, cream cheese… delicious open sandwiches all little and everyone was mmm-ing and taking seconds and thirds. I was standing there with my tap water. Could have died.

In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t cave in because I would feel SOOO guilty. Totally not worthit, I’ll forget all about the whole thing after posting this post, I can guarantee you.

But if I had cheated the guilt would follow me for ever, just feeling like a failure.

Instead of feeling empowered, and a little jealous :P

It was a great night though.

Other than the drama at the end of the night, where a woman in a black dress (no idea who she is) walked into the house and SLAPPED THE AMBASSADOR!


We saw the police arrive and everything! Mayhem!

Maybe it was for not having any Dukan-friendly alternatives. I understand her pain.

Have a great day you guys, make great choices!


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