Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spinach and Chicken Scrambled Eggs - Recipe

Cooked spinach and chicken in the pan, pre-egg whites.
So I figured with my new super-strict Bodybuilding diet, I would no longer be able to provide you guys with any Dukan recipes, well I was wrong! This is delicious and Dukan-friendly!

Also, a very forgivable and customisable recipe, as is my usual style.


Handfull of spinach or baby spinach
1 cooked skinless boneless chicken breast
Liquid egg whites, whole eggs, or egg whites
Pepper, or any other seasoning you like. I have used Ms Dash Original and Epicure's Pueblo Bean Dip

Just cover the pan with spinach, know that when it cooks the spinach will take less place in the pan. It shrinks.
Cover the bottom of the pan with spinach and put it on a medium heat. You can spray the bottom of the pan with a bit of pam beforehand.

Put as little or as much spinach as you want, you can cut the spinach beforehand or keep it like this, in big leaves.

Add cooked, diced chicken breasts. I have made this recipe without any meat as well as with flaked light tuna. Both were delicious variations. I think next time I will make it with canned crab.

Since the meat and spinach is already cooked it's up to you when you want to add in the egg whites, whole eggs, or liquid egg whites.

The finished product.
I like waiting for the spinach to be at a consistency I like, then add my liquid egg whites. I then season it however I feel like on that particular morning. I have used just pepper, Epicure's Pueblo Bean Dip, Ms Dash Original, Montreal Chicken Spice, as well as Pepper and Chive and they were all delicious.

Season and then scramble the eggs. Voila!


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