Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boarding the Airplane - Your Flight & Dehydration

So, was my experience with travel and flight easier now that I have lost 110lbs? The same?


I can only guess why:

Now usually I am drowning myself in water non-stop throughout the day, and I tried. I don't want to pay over 3$ for a bottle of water at the airport and I drank a few times from the fountain there but not nearly enough. I was left thirsty before the flight. I have gone on several planes in my life, the most recent one was a little over a year ago and except for my ears popping like crazy I have never had any problems.

This flight (and I can only attribute this to slight dehydration) my ears only popped slightly but my knees and ankles hurt like A LOT throughout the entire flight as did my back. My fingers were really swollen, I noticed my ankles were a little swollen as well as being in severe pain. Actually both my legs felt swollen and numb.

They offered drinks during the flight but I was so tired (I had pulled an all nighter so that I could leave my house at 3am for the flight.) So I slept through the flight attendant coming by twice.

When I stood up before boarding my flight I felt light headed and dizzy, like I haven't felt in months on the diet, since I started drinking huge quantities of water. So it was definetally dehydration. Shoot. And I was doing so well.

Now I don't know how you, as a traveller on the Dukan Diet can entirely avoid this. You can't bring water bottles from home on your flights so I guess you will have to be less cheap than me and buy loads of water at the airport. Or bring a mug or something.
You could always make your situation known to the flight attendants. Just make sure to drink tons of water to avoid all this.

I will admit though, I fit so much better in the plane seats. ;)

I don't know if I have any readers who have been through the Reagan International Washington airport (my first time connecting through Washington, from what I have seen I would love to visit there during the summer...) but am I the only one who found it super confusing? Very confusing airport, barely any signs or anything.


PS: After my connecting flight to Orlando I can tell you that during this part of the flight I felt 100% better, drank a lot of diet coke on the plane. I feel less swollen and the pain is gone from my legs and ankles. Now I know, come prepared and when flying, drink tons of liquids to avoid feeling sick.


  1. Have a great vacation. Been following your blog and like it a lot. Tons of good stuff.

  2. I take an empty water bottle, whether recycling a regular plastic bottle, or using a sports-type water bottle, just make sure it's empty as you go through security. Then I fill at one of the water fountains. It's harder in Europe, alot of airports don't have fountains and in some countries their water is sketchy.

    Don't drink Diet Coke, tea, coffee! Caffeine is dehydrating too.

    1. I had no idea you could bring an empty bottle of water! Now I know for next time, thanks :)

  3. Isn't it great to fit in the seats better! I travel extensively internationally and I'll tell you the last few months have been much more fun being stuck on a plane for 10+ hours!