Friday, 30 March 2012

Setting Fitness Goals

If you follow my blog you will know that for some reason I have a HUGE problem with working out. I can do this diet, strictly, without cheating and succeed at it... but I cannot get my flabby butt to the gym!

I get into these funks where I want to workout, I make plans, and 1/18th of the time I will actually make it to the gym... but once there I half-ass it or stop going after 1-2 trips out.

Man I want to change that, I'm really sick of telling my friends and family that "THIS TIME I WILL HIT THE GYM ALL WEEK AND YOU'LL SEE!" because I never do!

But it's taking that first step and trying to succeed at it that makes the difference. It doesn't matter how many times I say "THIS TIME" as long as one of those times I actually DO IT.

I mean, I tried counting calories, I tried Weight Watchers, I tried the soup diet, all didn't work for me. I basically quit before I even started. It's the same thing with this working out thing. My last resort is hiring a personal trainer... I want to exhaust all other options first.

So my mom liked a woman on Facebook. Her name is Chalene Johnson. Now I have sifted through her posts and her blog and her website. She puts a lot of focus on having GOALS.

Something clicked, a goal is something I had when I first started Dukan. 160 lbs (originally) and then my actual goal, which I hit February 6th 2012: 155 lbs and a 'normal' BMI.

I have never set any fitness goals. Sure, I know what my dream physique is, but that's not a tangible goal.

Something to think about.

So I will try this whole goal thing. My homework: to set reasonable fitness goals for myself, with a timeline to achieve them, by Monday.

Is this the time I say "I WILL BECOME A GYM RAT! I WILL GET MY DREAM PHYSIQUE" and actually do it?

I'll be blogging my progress, I'm excited for this!



  1. I must say, I tend to stick to things when they cost me money - like a personal trainer, or as my friend likes to call them - expensive alarm clocks :)

    1. Oh, Janie... that's exactly what I called my personal trainer in Miami... he used to call me at 515 a.m. to remind me of our 545 a.m. meet up... he was expensive, but worth every dime!

  2. Get a FitBit. I try to get to 10k steps a day, and then I won't feel guilty about not technically working out. Plus its fun to check your progress all day long.