Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Being Overweight Sucks - Vacation Almost Over!

Before                                                                                          After

I am having a hard time believing this is my last day on vacation, my gorgeous 12 day vacation to Florida and New Orleans.

I would also like to say, to my (over) 1200 readers from the USA this week, thanks for your support :) You guys and my UK visitors have bumped my fellow Canadians to third place on my statistics page!

To any readers of mine from D.C; Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana: I had a great time visiting all your states (some briefly) during this trip. I'll be stopping through Illinois (Chicago) on my way home and look forward to adding it to my "States I've Been In" list.

Looking back on last years Florida pictures I'm kindof left with my jaw hanging open. I really had no idea I had gotten that big. Actually, Florida 2011 was the heaviest I have ever been, I made the decision to lose weight a few months after I returned. I was really uncomfortable the entire trip last year. Had a hard time walking around Epcot, keeping up with my grandparents and my sister. I remember limping at the end of a long day at Magic Kingdom and being really ashamed. I remember being so jealous of my slim sister, feeling really huge especially in comparison to her.

Looking at the pictures though, I didn't realise I was that big. Really. I want to say: "How did I get to be that way?" But I know exactly how. Overeating, and overeating a lot of bad, sweet things. Someday maybe I will share with you just how disgusting my eating habits were, but that is for a day where I am not just BATHING in my pride over my weight loss.

Yesterday I spent 12 hours at Universal Studios - Island Adventure. I walked around the entire time, only sitting for maybe 10 minutes for a quick supper, and on rides. Sure, my legs are really sore today, but no limping, no chaffing, I feel fantastic! I could not have walked around all day (including an over 2 hour wait for Harry Potter with the baby sis) if I had been heavy. No way.

Sad moment at Universal. After the over two hour wait for that one Harry Potter ride (which was just... amazing) I sit down on the ride with my sister and look up just in time to see some guy, turned down because of his weight... he had to exit through this darkened side-door and leave his friends because he was too heavy and this ride doesn't have the adjustable seating for heavy people that some of the other rides at Universal have. Can you imagine? When I was fat this was my greatest fear. To be embarrassed and not fit on something because of my weight, especially after such a long wait and with his friends right there... I was so thankful to have put the work into the Dukan Diet, not cheated, and actually achieved my goals.

All in all, a great day really, a great trip.

I need all my readers to keep up the good work. It really broke my heart to see that happen and really, you can't let yourself get like that. You need to put in the work as well and get to a healthy place. Life is easier when you are not overweight. I am treated differently, better. I feel better. Everything is better! So work hard at it.



  1. love reading your blog and you are a true inspiration. dont even think about what you use to eat, that is in the past. you decided to make a change and look forward and WOW! I commend you that you have 'stuck it out' - reading your blog helps when I feel that its too hard, even when it actually isnt. seeing your results in the photos is such a great motivator that I am going to loose the weight. Oh, you can add 1 reader from way down south in Cape Town. I look forward to more posts. Amazing and keep at it!

  2. I second Tracy! Your blog has defnitely played a role in getting me remotivated when I was stuck at a somewhat comfortable weight, but not quite there yet! Thanks!!!

  3. Great before and after shots! It looks like you had a fantastic vacation! And even though I'm a Florida girl... I'm reading your blog from China, where I'm living and working for a year :)

  4. Awesome photo'S!!!!! well done, I love looking at people's before and afters, NOTHING inspires me more than that!!