Monday, 5 March 2012

Grocery Shopping - The Inner VS Outer Aisles

My sister passed me this book called: "Eat This not That - Supermarket Survival Guide" to read while we are on vacation. (Good book btw... I kindof want to steal it. Shhh don't tell her :P)

#7 in Chapter 1 really clicked with me, titled: "Live on the Edge" talks about how grocery stores are organised with the perishable, single ingredient items on the outside and the bad-for-you (generally) and perishable items on the inside. That's when I realised, how little I go in the center aisles now! When I used to grocery shop I would wander through all of the aisles, up and down each one. But now when I do go in the center aisles it's to get something specific, making "strategic inner-aisle strikes for things" like oat bran or a specific spice I want to refil on.
When I shop I shop in the meats, dairy, egg, and veggie aisles, all on the outside.

Interesting find.

Cool to see how my habits have changed without me realising it. Because of the diet I don't wander through the grocery store as long, I don't pick up impulse-bad-for-me junk food. I eat so much healthier. Wow XD

What about you? Have your grocery shopping habits changed?


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