Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Self-Improvement & Support When It Comes to Working Out

Prawn and I both motivate each other on this diet in different ways. He doesn't cave in to my whining about the diet and I keep him in line, making sure neither of us cheat. I believe we have always been there for each other and it has obviously worked for us because here we are. I have lost 110 lbs and he has lost 105 lbs (and counting). So obviously when it comes to support, we are doing something right.

I can't see why we can't motivate each other in the same way when it comes to working out.

We are both pretty lazy people, and neither of us really into working out... but we both want to be fit and we can both motivate each other, so really, why not?

If you follow me pretty consistently you might have noticed I have mentioned getting a personal trainer. Expensive, but in my mind, worth it. Since I have tried everything else.

Well wait... there is something I have not tried. Prawn!

We discussed it and once I get back home from my vacation (Thursday) we will try motivating ourselves to go to the gym and once there, become each others personal trainers. I think we can feed off each others energy and make this work. I am really go-getter in the sense that I will come up with a plan and be all for it... for a teensy bit, or until I hit a wall.

Prawn is good for me in a supportive sense, because he is not a planning person, and he will not initiate something, but if he knows I want it, and if I start the process, he will continue it and make sure I keep it up.

I think for the first time in the diet we are both at a place where we actually want to workout and be fit, we just need each other to motivate one another and keep up the pace.

I want to track our progress here in one of the above tabs. You can tune-in and follow us along our new journey. I'm excited, there is so much new-ness coming about once I get back to Canada: The J&J project, where I will learn to love to cook again, our new working out schedule which I will make and he will help us follow, I want to start eating smaller portions and eat cleaner, no more diet pop... all in all I guess we will be busy little Dukanians, no?

I hope I can keep up with my ever-growing list of self-improvements! Being too ambitious and failing at everything is my greatest fear.

I always have my readers support. Btw, you guys are amazing :)



  1. My one and only problem with the gym is: getting to it. Once I am there I have no problem with the workouts or anything else. I actually enjoy them. But it's getting there that is the pain. It always has been, even when the gym was just across the street ... so if you can drag each other there somehow, I think 90% of the battle is won. If not more. Because exercise can actually be fun and doesn't have to be torturous...

  2. It sucks so badly that I have to leave for work at 5:30 and get back at 18:30 most nights...but we do try to work out on weekends, I don't know if that even counts for anything!

  3. I have a gym literally across the road from the entrance to my building. I finally signed up last week (after looking at it from my bedroom window for nearly 6 months) and I've been twice. I prefer running outside (couldn't get the rhythm on the treadmill) and I'm doing weights. I think I'll do it 3 times a week. No one in there speaks English, so I'm doing a lot of pointing to body parts for help from the really buff Chinese guy that works there... no idea if he's a personal trainer or not... LOL

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