Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mini Chicken and Broccoli Quiches - Recipe

This is a little something I got off a facebook friend. Mini quiches. Makes for a yummy snack or meal.


Egg whites
Chopped, cooked broccoli
Boiled chicken breast
Ms. Dash (Or other mild seasoning, salt and pepper work)

I make this one all the time, easy and simple.

This is how much chicken & broccoli I used, but you can add more, less... very custom recipe.

In a bowl mix the chicken (either chopped or ripped apart) with the broccoli. Now I usually just chop as much as I want to fill my muffin tins, you can use less broccoli or more chicken. It's a very forgivable recipe.

Cover in egg whites, mix, and put in PAM sprayed muffin tins.

Now I have made this recipe using whole eggs as well as egg whites. I find they don't taste all that much better with the yolks.

The version I tried with egg yolks.

Oven for 20 minutes at 350.

Let them cook and remove them from the muffin tins. They might stick a little to the sides so make sure to take them out carefully so they keep their shape.

The egg white only version, with a little more broccoli.




  1. this is awesome, I can't believe I haven't thought of this! can't wait to make some!

  2. I am trying this one out. I added a little garlic and I am using some turkey with Italian seasonings.