Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stuck On My Celebration Meal! Help!

Hey you guys! So I'm sending this post through my iPhone because I'm getting stressed and anxious over my celebration meal.

 This is the first week I don't have a restaurant plan with friends to choose my celebration meal for me, so to speak. I don't know what I want to have an the week is almost over! Also, with how my week is, I kindof need to eat it tonight for dinner or tomorrow.

I'm looking for suggestions. Im not craving anything and don't want to go out to a restaurant or prepare a big meal. I'm totally stuck.

The only thing that is sticking out to me is McDonald's... But I kindof want to go an entire year without eating that junk... So I'm hesitant to give in the towel and choose that as my meal.

 If I can't choose something I might just end up skipping it. Celebration meals usually make me feel really sick the day after anyways.

So what would you eat if you were in my shoes? What are you craving?

Thanks loves,



  1. Why eat a celebration meal if it's going to make you sick? If it's making you sick, you should re-evaluate what you are eating as celebration meals. How about a treat only? A fruit smoothie? And why not skip it? It's to alleviate cravings so the rest of the week goes well, not force-feed you something you don't really want.

  2. I crave pasta and baked potatoes normally. I think I would go for a home cooked meal every time over getting a McDonalds, it may be a celebration meal but it can be really simple, what you normally eat plus a starchy item as a side. I think the term "celebration meal" is a little misleading. I mean how many celebrations do people who eat normally have in a week?!? Hope you can chose something nice! But I agree with Veera, its not supposed to be stressful. xoxo

  3. Is there any meal you miss terribly from pre-dukan? That's where I'd start and plan out which day you're going to have it so you can savour and enjoy it. Good luck.

    1. Pre... Dukan? Was there a life before the Dukan Diet? :P

      I think that is the key, to plan it out and look forward to it all week, to have that in the back of your mind to stop you from cheating... "ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS UNTIL I GET TO EAT whatever." Right? Good point!

  4. Ewwww, McDonalds... I'm planning my first celebration meal for when I'm done (3-4 weeks from now). I'm going to have a steak with a sweet potato and asparagus. I'm not going back on grains, so pasta isn't in the cards for me.

  5. If you're craving McDonalds how about a better alternative hamburger. Depending on where you live I bet there are some "good" hamburger restaurants out there. I personally could kill for a Hard Rock Cafe burger right about now :-)

  6. OOh I would go for quesedillas or fajitas, love mexican food!! Or make your own hamburger and chips! When I did slimming world (and gained loads) I used to make chips (fries). Cut some potatoes into wedges, par boil, then put in oven & spray with fry light. Yum! You could also cover with spices etc

  7. For my first celebration meal I'm making my favourite chicken curry with Basmati rice, double cream greek yogurt and a poppadum on the side :) And for dessert a piece of peppermint crisp tart - I think this dessert is something very uniquely South African!

  8. PIZZA!! Or a good eggplant parmigian. Yum.