Tuesday, 3 April 2012

An Update On My Fitness

I think I have finally figured out the secret to getting myself to the gym!

This  whole 'goals' thing has totally worked so far, I'm at a record breaking 4 days straight of hitting the gym!

Whaaaat? I know right!

I am having a really hard time coming up with goals that follow the 'SMART' method when it comes to weight lifting. It is harder to measure and I'm not entirely sure where my fitness is currently at or what to strive for. Making a running goal was easier but still pretty difficult. I find myself just staring at the computer screen, not really knowing what to do. I have wasted a lot of time just unsure of my goals and as you can see (if you click the tab above) I still have only one goal to go for.

I hit my first mini goal the other day and I was so proud to do it! It almost killed me, I'll have you know, but literally 30 seconds after I hopped off the treadmill I felt fine so I am very glad I kept at it for the entire 10 minutes. I feel so proud of myself!

I don't know how I can possibly run 30 minutes... but hopefully I can work my way up to it.

I have basically been getting in the gym, hopping on a treadmill right away and running. Once my 10 minutes is up I have been hopping off and going home right away. That way I don't have the excuse that going to the gym takes too long. It's literally a super-quick workout and then it's over and I can go home to eat dinner.

I even ran on my lunch break at work! Drove the the gym, hopped on and had a quick shower.

Making good gym choices has even affected other aspects of my life. I could have picked up Greek yogurt or deli chicken after my workout yesterday to munch on but instead I picked up berries. Yum!

I'm really happy right now, I can't wait to figure out goals for other aspects of my fitness and really get it done.



  1. Weight lifting can get addictive. It shapes your body the way cardio never could. You'll get muscles in your arms that look sexy and you'll never turn back. I encourage you to give it a go. And don't worry you won't get 'man muscles' unless you're lifting crazy heavy weights. ZG

    1. That's what I'm hoping for! I want to become a total gym rat, tone my body and look sexy for the first time in my life ;)

      I just need to set these goals, really difficult!

      Thanks :)

  2. You're already looking sexy... You'll just be sexier :)
    Good on you for meeting your goals, you are truly an inspiration!