Sunday, 29 April 2012

Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Want To Get Healthy

1. I love food too much

I don’t understand this one. I know, you love food. I think the problem here is that you either don’t consider healthy food ‘food’ or that you associate dieting with starving yourself. I have said it 100 times and will say it again, I eat SO MUCH. Too much, but you can still eat really reasonable portions and lose weight, in fact you should never be hungry while dieting, ever. You don’t lose weight on an empty stomach, you lose weight by eating a lot of healthy foods.

Also, healthy food is food. Some of the best meals I have ever had I have made for myself while following Dukan. Stir fries, mini quiches, butternut squash soups, my mustard chickens on the bbq… mmmmm. I have never eaten better in my life, and I have lost 110 lbs! You can eat delicious meals while dieting and being healthy. You don’t even need to be that creative about it.

2. I don’t have the time

Now this would be more for hitting the gym, prepping meals, that kind of thing.
I was one of you, for the longest time when it came to hitting the gym. I know you have heard it before, but seriously, there are so many websites just filled with instructional videos on home workouts, and they are free. Buy a wii for you and your kids and do that, go for a half hour walk, hit the gym. You don’t need to spend an hour in there, just get a run out of the way and there you go. You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of time at the gym every day to be active or healthy.

Now, I understand that prepping meals, as well as cooking, it’s difficult. I can imagine it is even more difficult if you have to also make your families meals, clean up after them, workout, work, as many of my gorgeous readers have to do.

I’ll suggest to you to make your lunches the night before, prep meals in bulk, and use the slow cooker to it’s full advantage.

Also, how much time does it take to season chicken breasts and throw them on the bbq or in the oven? You do have options, even with your busy lives.

3. I don’t want to diet, I want a lifestyle change

Oh yes this one, I have ranted about this before. Especially with regards to the Dukan Diet.

I think the problem is that people need immediate results. Well I’m sorry honey, but they don’t always come and if all you are looking for is immediate results without the want to keep some of your newly developed good habits for the rest of your life, stop. You will just gain all the weight back.

With something like the Dukan Diet, you are looking at a lifestyle change. You can’t just eat an entire pizza for dinner every night and assume you wont gain any weight, even if you are on Phase 4 of the Dukan Diet. I really feel that this diet especially has taught me the life skills I need to go on with my life making healthy choices throughout, do you know what that is… a lifestyle change.

& Although I am an advocate for Dukan, you should treat any diet this way, as a way to boost your life back on the healthy track and not as instant results that you can not learn anything from and go back to eating McDonalds every night once the weight is off without any consequences.

4. I have tried so many diets before, none of them work

Another peeve of mine. DON’T GIVE UP! Try again, and then try again! If I had said, oh boy, I tried all these diets and none of them worked, I wont bother trying the Dukan Diet, I would have never lost 110 lbs! Are you kidding me?

It’s so ridiculous, people that give up like that. You always have to keep trying, as long as you make sure every time you are trying a little bit of a different approach, then you are guaranteed to eventually find something that works!

If Dukan had not worked for me I would have tried something else, and eventually something would have clicked and worked for me.

I was thinking about this with regards to working out. There is no way that if I try something new every few months for the rest of my life and don’t give up that within my lifetime I would not find a way to get myself to stick with the gym. No way.

Then guess what I did, found something that worked for me. Yes!

5. Too expensive

If you want to follow a diet, and the diet is too expensive to follow… don’t follow that diet.

There are so many different diets out there, you will never be stuck with an option that is out of a comfortable price range, in fact, there are SO many diets that don’t have a registration fee or weekly food costs, you just have to get the book so you can be informed on the diet, or you could look it up online.

You will never be forced to pay money into a diet, and if you can’t afford it, then just walk away and find something that works for you in every aspect.

Food costs is another expensive part of any diet, because you always have to eat, right? If you are looking at a diet that has imported seafood as mandatory breakfast, lunch, and supper courses… maybe you are looking at the wrong diet.

In my mind Dukan, or any other healthy diet revolved around eating natural wholesome foods that don’t need to be organic, is an inexpensive diet. Just because how terribly I was eating prior, the restaurant costs, the late night snacking. I mean, a bag of chips every day ontop of dinner, dessert… what does that add up to in a year? Much more expensive than my chicken breasts with broccoli, eggs, steaks, any Dukan food really.



  1. Excellent post! In regard to #4... Diets don't fail... people fail diets. Diets work if you follow them, as you and I have found to be true! :)

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  3. I L-O-V-E this post. I was just thinking about how my food bill has increased but honestly, it hasn't if I take into account that I am no longer ordering 20 dollar pizzas every 3 or 4 days along with all the groceries and going out to McDonald's all the time or whatever fill in the blank place pushing food out of tiny windows on the side of their buildings. I am enjoying this life adjustment. This is a great post.

    1. Thanks dear.

      It's so true! If you aren't picking up scallops and fresh fish every day this diet is about monetarily equal (or less) to buying junk or going out to restaurants every couple nights. Keep working hard!

  4. Ive just figured one out, after sabotaging myself a couple of weeks now.. I'm scared and disappointed (so stupid, I know) because Ive realised that being thin doesnt automagically mean youre pretty. And Im just finding out that, well, Im not, so why bother. Sometimes I think Id rather be the funny, fat girl than someone who lost all that weight and still looks kinda meh..