Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Craic in St. Louis, On the Road Again!

Thursday morning I’m leaving on another trip! All sorts of exciting.

This time I’m not going somewhere tropical, like the Florida trip I came back from mid-March, sadly I must say. I am going to St. Louis, visiting yet another State I have never been to, Missouri!

I’m pumped for this trip, feels like I have been thinking about it for ages and I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon. Once again I have not packed yet. Ugh.

Now I wont be staying in the comfort of my grandmamans home this time… so I’m stressing out about food. Since I have made the decision that I want to train for a bodybuilding competition, I have gotten a lot stricter with what I eat and I’m not sure if our hotel room will have a fridge. It has to have a mini fridge right? I don’t want to be stuck eating only fresh vegetables and canned green beans for the entire trip, right? I’ll die, seriously.

I would want to boil some chicken breasts and bring them in my suitcase, as horrendous as that sounds. Totally stressing about the fridge situation.

Any of my readers live in St. Louis? Can you check it out for me? :P Just scope out my hotel room?
Kidding of course, but if you are from St. Louis, speak up! What is there exciting to do in your lovely city?
I will be travelling with friends from my hometown University Celtic Club, two of those girls are long-time best friends of mine whom I have travelled with before, to France actually. I’m seriously looking forward to this trip.

Why in the world are we travelling to St. Louis? We will be attending an Irish Convention. I got into Irish dancing through one of the ladies I am travelling with, started doing group dancing (called Ceilis) probably 4 years ago? & have attended the monthly Ceilis for about 2-3 years now.

So I’ll be dancing for hours, learning how to play tin whistle, speaking Irish. Just engrossing myself in that culture from Thursday night through Sunday.

I have gone to one of these ‘meetings’ or ‘conventions’ before, but it was a much smaller one several hours from where I live. It was also in Canada, and long time readers should know, I love travelling out of the country and visiting new States. It’s on my bucket list to visit every U.S State and so far I have not made a big dent….

Although to be honest so far this year I have scratched 5 off the list and will be scratching off another veeeery soon.

So in this community we have a word that replaces ‘fun’ basically. It’s ‘craic’ (pronounced ‘crack’). There is your Irish language mini lesson for the day. So go out and have come craic with your diet today! Make something new and Dukan friendly. I’ll be here probably losing my passport, not packing, and stressing about food. Absolutely no craic to be found here! Ooooh goodness.