Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Worst Day On Dukan for Me

I have been asked this a few times, what was the worst part of The Dukan Diet for me, or the worst day I even had following Dukan.

Well I have had a few negative experiences with the Dukan Diet:

  • I was bullied and lost a big chunk of ‘friends’,
  • There was the pizza incident, where, I came home to find an empty box of my favourite pizza on the counter and wept, embarrassingly, for what seems like hours,
  • All the temptation that exists, saying no, resisting. Wearing down my willpower,
  • Going out to meals with friends and family and having to a) not eat at all because of no Dukan alternatives on the menu or, b) not order what you actually want (delicious looking nachos, hamburger, and cheesecake for dessert) and instead ordering a salad (please no pecans, corn, dressing, or cheese, thank you).
  • Missing out on Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, Easter dinner, Mothers Day brunch with my family. Even though my family were ALWAYS more than accommodating and accepting.
But I will have to be honest, the most negative experience I had on the Dukan Diet was my birthday, where no, I did not cheat, not even a single bite.

It was a lot of factors though, but that was the worst day for me on Dukan, absolutely. We had travelled to New Brunswick to see some of my family who lives there (a 10 hour drive), it was a nice, relaxing trip with my family and I’m very happy to have gone. But my birthday was shitty, even though my family tried their best.

The only gift I got was a teddy bear from one of my sisters, another of my sisters was all the way back home, my first birthday without her (other than my very first birthday) my first birthday where none of my extended family were there, I felt like a burden when it came to the diet and food for my family out on vacation, I couldn’t eat cake, I was far away from Prawn. Just everything together, absolutely terrible. I cried soooo much that day and the day preceding. Just terrible feelings all around.

Oh, and I couldn’t go out with my friends to celebrate, and even if I did, I couldn’t drink or anything (which really bothered me at the time) so what was the point?

Also, it was my time of the month. Yes, just an all around bad day.

Thinking back, it never occurred to me to just… cheat. If it had come to my attention that I was being stupid and could just cheat I might have, but then I would look back on my birthday and not only be upset over all the negativity that happened, but then I would also have this guilt that I had cheated on the diet, that it totally wasn’t worth it, I would just hate myself.

Well there you go, the worst part of The Dukan Diet for me was not being able to cheat on my birthday… but then again, if I had cheated, then THAT would be the worst part of the Dukan Diet for me. So they cancel each other out I guess.

I have had an amazing experience on Dukan. All the temptation, exhaustion, use of my willpower, they all don’t compare to how sexy I feel now, to how proud I am that I never cheated, to how proud I am of my successes. Nothing compares to how amazing I feel right now. It’s all completely worth it!

Keep working hard, always.



  1. Mamma in Maine6 June 2012 at 15:48

    I've cheated ONE time in 13 weeks so far. Certainly not almost a year, like you. I'm at 42 pounds lost, with at least twice that to go. I've not, however, found a situation where I had absolutely NO Dukan friendly options to eat.
    It could be simply, that my tastes have changed, and I've adapted myself away from things like take-out, since moving to the "country" 4 years ago. The nearest take out is 25 miles away. There are a lot of things (parties, etc) that I can STILL find options. Lean burger on the grill, with a salad. Any "plain" meat, protein. Eggs if it's breakfast time ( or even if it's not). Diet sodas, water, plain tea, coffee with skim milk and splenda ( eating out usually happens every week or 2 while shopping with a friend of mine).
    Maybe, too, I'm older, and don't get that foot-stomping-tantrumy feeling when I "can't" have something. I've been very overweight for longer than you've lived, so I look at things like -yes-cake, as this-- I've had SO MUCH cake, cookies, "treats" etc in my life, that if I never ever have it again- I'll still have had too much in my life. Seriously. This is no lie.
    I've also been looking at it as - there WILL be a time that I CAN have it again, within reason. IF I want it.
    Bottom line, of course--- I can have any of it that I want-- it just won't work for me right now, if ever again.
    I just turned 46. I've never been thin. I have had hypertension for 30 years. I consider myself living on borrowed time, since my family medical history of heart disease and diabetes (which killed my grandfather, but also killed my father at age 56). I was THANKFULLY finally correctly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and dieting actually WORKS now.
    I see this as my chance to correct all my wrongs, and I'm doing all I can do fix what needs fixing, and prevent the rest of the stuff, that thankfully, I have avoided thusfar.

    So-- while that's not my worst day yet-- it's my comparison to yours. Sorry for going on and on, lol-- but I guess I'm also in a spot where I"m looking for a bit of motivation- and writing that all out has helped.

    I've not had a terribly bad day yet. A few super-hungry-I-can't-get-enough-food days-- though mostly I think that was just my overeating "wants" kicking in. I stuck to the things I can have, and moved on.

    My times where I need motivation stem 100 percent from just being sick and bloody tired of cooking. There are days I just wanna have a big bowl of cereal or throw a cold-cut sandwich together. Even little meals and snacks seem to involve cooking. I do a lot of cooking ahead, but even so-- I just feel like I'm doing nothing but cooking.

    Enough of my words!! On with your day and keep up the great work!

    1. Oh dear, you try finding a Dukan friendly meal at a pub. Almost impossible! But I know what you are saying, I usually do find something I can do. Well back when I was doing Dukan.

      Now I have to think ahead and bring meals with me all the time since what restaurant will serve me boiled chicken breast and 3 asparagus tips with 5 almonds and mustard? I have not found a single one.

      Anytime you want motivation or a place to rant, feel free to comment on any of my posts :) I love reading long responses and bouncing ideas off of my readers. I absolutely love it.

      I am so happy dieting works for you now, and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to work towards your goals instead of sweeping it under the rug, for your healths sake.

      I have those super-hungry days all the time. I would just binge on Dukan allowed foods. Feels like I'm cheating but in the end I'm eating a ton of broccoli and cherry tomatoes, not as much harm done as an entire bag of chips, eh?

      I SO UNDERSTAND THE COOKING THING! Ooooooh man do I ever! I had a big stint where I would actually cook a lot of complicated, labor intensive meals and then the cleaning up after... it was so good but the effort I had to put behind it was draining and discouraging. I really understand. Kindof a reality of the situation though, you know? You can't just order takeout anymore, you actually have to work for your food. Ugh.

      At least now I batch cook my protein and make my eggs in the morning at the same time as my pancake. Spending a lot less time in the kitchen but a lot less variety in my meals. I guess that's the tradeoff.

      Have a good one, make good choices today!

    2. Sorry to bust in on your conversation Mamma in Maine, but your comment "I've had SO MUCH cake, cookies, "treats" etc in my life, that if I never ever have it again- I'll still have had too much in my life. Seriously. This is no lie" just made me laugh so much, it reminds me SO much of me. Congratulations on your great losses, 1/3 of the way through your weight loss, great job! Sonia xo.

      Hope you don't mind DD! XD

    3. AHAHA Oh man, I don't mind Sonia, jump in on any comment you want.

      My dad always says that, that I am eating clean and healthily now but since I ate so much junk in the past it evens itself out to eating normally and in moderation past and present.

  2. Funny you mention the pub thing, I went to a pub and asked for steak and veggies, but they couldn't do that for me because they had to serve it with salad, but i could order the side veggies....I was like...WTF?!?! I don't want the salad though....just give me steak and veggies with no salad....sorry you have to have the salad and you have to pay for veggies extra...i dont care what i have to pay just give me steak and comes out...with damn salad!!!! GRRRRRR

    I agree with the cooking thing, some days I just want to eat smoked salmon all day because i can just rip open the packet and gorge....I am so over the constant cleaning and cooking....

    1. Mmmm smoked salmon :) So yummy.
      Prawns fav treat.

      Are you kidding? I hate servers who give attitude. I once was at a banquet in St Louis and tried explaining to the waitress that I was so sorry to be a bother, but had dietary restrictions that prevented me from eating sauce on my steak, salad, etc. So please no sauce, oil or butter on my meal. I'm so sorry for the trouble.

      She rolled her eyes and said they couldn't do that for me and then just walked away.

      So I asked another server and she said absolutely she would get that done for me.

      Some people are just so rude!

  3. Mamma in Maine6 June 2012 at 19:18

    Thankfully, it's now nearing summer, the propane tank is full (with a spare) for my grill, and I'm doing a LOT of family packs of meats on the grill. They come in handy, and it's lots of cooking at one time!