Thursday, 7 June 2012

Exactly What Do I Eat? - A Guide

*QUICK NOTE: This does not describe the Dukan Diet at all, I just realized, if you have not been following my progress you will leave here under the impression that Dukan is a strict, boring diet which is not the case. This is my new bodybuilding diet. If that is what you are here for, continue on. If you are looking for Dukan, you might want to check a few months back. xoxo

June 16th I will be going to my first ever bodybuilding competition to witness first hand what I have signed myself up for. I have never been to one and am excited for the extremely long day that lies ahead of me. The actual competition starts at 9am where the bodybuilders will strut their stuff on stage and then they will do comparisons.

In the afternoon there is the big show, it starts at 6:30pm I believe.

I asked my mom (my #1 fan) to join me so we can take notes on makeup, hair, tan, posing, the walk, and anything else I might need to know since this is the only show I will be attending before my competition in November.

I will have to prep all meals in advance and when I asked my mom if she wants me to prep her some as well she said ‘well when in Rome’.

So as I was typing all my meals out to my mom (hi mom!) I figured that I might want to let you guys in on exactly what I eat during the day. I have included all my variations. I don’t eat anything not on this list, ever and yes, I do eat this every day of the week, no cheat days or meals for me. Just bland, same-everyday food. Ah well.

I find it’s easier if I bring around a tupperwear full of my fish for the day, one with my *Scrambled Eggs for the day, one with my (etc etc) and then during the day I scoop 1/4th of each tupperwear together, scramble it, microwave it, add a bit of broccoli and celery (or green beans) and tah-dah.

*Quick note, there is something I include with most of my meals, I make it in the morning after I make my pancake and separate it during the day into every meal. I use my already hot pan (from the pancake) to prepare it.

I take two whole eggs, crack them onto the pan, then add egg whites (as desired). Including my pancake in the morning I usually go through 500ml of egg whites a day, depending on my mood, all prepared at breakfast. Scramble them up and like I said, I will separate this mixture into ‘Meals 2-5’.

Meal 1:

My pancake. Best part of my day right here:


1 scoop protein powder
1 scoop glutamine
1 scoop greens

¼ cup whole oats
An entire banana (smooshed)
Cinnamon (I do not measure but it is probably between 1-2 tbsp of cinnamon)
1 packet of sweetner

Egg whites. Depending on how hungry I am or how thick I want the ‘batter’ I use more or less egg whites.
Mix all ingredients together, put on hot pan that has a short spray of PAM on it. Flip, voilĂ .

Meal 2:

½ cup broccoli
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ - 1 basa fillet OR ½ - 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 3:

3 asparagus spears
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ - 1 basa fillet OR ½ - 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 4:
½ cup broccoli
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ - 1 basa fillet OR ½ - 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 5:
Right after my workout or during my workout as a quick bite if I’m dying of hunger.

3 asparagus spears
¼ can tuna
½ - 1 basa fillet OR ½ - 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs
EITHER 1 baked potato, 1 sweet potato, ¼ cup brown rice, or ¼ cup quinoa. (I prefer quinoa diet-wise but I prefer the taste of baked potato as a treat.)

Meal 6:

Protein shake (one scoop) with one or two scoops of glutamine. Two scoops of glutamine if I did weight training, one if it’s a cardio day.

On my day off from the gym (one a week) I do this right before bed.


So that’s it! I will snack on leftover *Scrambled Eggs, celery (plain) during the day if I am hungry in between meals. Sometimes I will have one or two extra almonds during the day.

Sometimes I spice it up by including orange or red peppers to one of my meals (not a lot though), or I add a handful of green beans or celery.

A couple times a week I will have a nice steak with the baked potato, quinoa, or other carb instead of my fish or chicken.


This is very strict, obviously. I like to think I am dieting at pro-level : )

It’s very difficult, bland, and repetitious, but I am at a disadvantage (or so I feel) because of the rapid weight loss without exercise that I have been doing for the past year. I only have 5 months and if I stand a chance, I need to be as strict as possible.
Most competitors allow themselves a cheat meal a week, I don’t need it. I have this dieting thing down.

So that’s that. If you have any questions, ask away! I also drink a lot of WATER, so important. Between 6 and 8L a day. If I season anything it will be with Ms. Dash but mostly I just take all my ingredients scramble them together and enjoy.



  1. As they say, the successful dieters are the ones most likely to eat the same foods day after day. They're not craving lots of variety and therefore not as likely to fall off the wagon or be tempted. You are definitely ahead of the game diet-wise, and btw, you seem to have a low level of body fat already, since your muscles popped out so quickly, or am I wrong?

    1. According to the (not super accurate) measurements my personal trainer took almost 2 weeks ago, my body fat percentage is 23% currently. Average for women is 25% and I need to get mine down to under 10%.

      The thing is the only real way to measure your accurate body fat percentage is to do an underwater test thing or a caliper test, which noone near me is certified to do apparently. Ah well.

  2. I look forward to hearing about the BB contest you're going to watch. The thing that I don't LOVE about them is the amount of fake tan competitors put on.. some paint themselves literally black. I know it makes the muscles show more but it's almost gone too far now (just my opinion) x

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