Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our Books Are Here! (Picture)

We have been waiting for these for like... 2 weeks! So excited to LEARN!


More good news!

I get home from my workout yesterday to find a box, the box is addressed to The Prawn.


I freak out, rip open the box and…


Our books!


A girl Prawn works with who I have known for a long time (she is a sweetie) and I talked at the gym once, she had this book on her. I looked through it, it is a GREAT looking book with area specific exercises, organised by body part, with instructions, tips, and information about the various muscle groups.

One of many books I plan on purchasing to educate myself about female bodybuilding!

I find the book has really good pictures, for a fitness book. The workouts are organised within the specific muscle groups by difficulty and gym-extras (a bench, dumbbells, bar, different machines, etc) that you use to perform them.

At the back there are different workouts to try to achieve different things, or different routines to try so different exercises together that are effective or whatever. It looks really informative and I can’t wait to dive in and LEARN!

That’s all for today… I’m just too excited.

We also got one for Prawn! He is signing up for the gym today (or so he says). He was waiting for the book to come in, now he has no excuses. How exciting!

I am aware that I have a new program to follow with regards to my workouts, but this book will still give me info my trainer just doesn't really have time to give me, like information about my different muscles and workouts I can do on my cardio days where I am not doing my 2 hour long weight training program. I can use the information to target muscles I don't feel I worked out fully the day before. Just spice it up a bit.

All in all, what a great day!



  1. Cool, the books look great. Might look it up myself (in our library). Thanks

  2. Mamma in Maine6 June 2012 at 09:44

    One to put on my wish list for the future :) Or maybe some light reading now while I wait to drop an additional 75 to 100 pounds..

    1. Sweetie, you could always start with some light weight lifting now. If you are feeling uncomfortable maybe start by buying an 8 lbs dumbbell and doing it at home without cardio. Just lifting a little. It'll help keep everything a little tighter and once you see a bit of definition... you'll be hooked!