Friday, 8 June 2012

Blogger VS Wordpress - A Quick Question

Can someone tell me the pros and cons of using Blogger or Wordpress? I see people making the switch and I'm not sure if I would like to do so as well.

Which is easier to use? What are the benefits of either?

Is it difficult to transfer your posts from one to the other? Can it be done? Which is easier to follow. I know that wordpress followers can only subscribe by e-mail. Is that easier for you or is Blogger's system better?

What would you prefer to see me use?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



  1. I use wordpress, but why are you thinking of switching? Plenty of people follow my blog ( via their google readers, you don't have to just use email.

    I switched to WP a few years ago so I could have my own domain. One thing to consider (if that's your reason) is that you'll have to pay for hosting and for your domain. But if you just want a site, that's free.

    It's not hard to transfer your posts, there are export tools available for that.

  2. I use wordpress because I didn't like bloggers backend...I moved after using Livejournal for years, I tested out both and in the end I preferred WP.

    I am going to stick with WP now as I create my own domain and site etc because they have a great amount of free themes and extras that don't require much if any knowledge about coding etc. You can just install and follow the prompts essentially.

    When I was looking to switch blogger didn't have much in the way of themes or designs I liked and WP just kept coming to the front on that.

    I also don't like the fact that blogger cannot seem to handle people commenting using a WP account, which is why I mostly sign in with the name/URL option if it is available.

    I know both Sandi and I have had major issues with blogger, not allowing comments or even just dropping our subscriptions to some sites randomly and without reason. I have not really heard about issues from WP to blogger - I would be keen to hear if there are any though.

    Ultimately, I would suggest you create a WP blog and just have a play with it and see if you like it compared to blogger. The free sites have a little functionality than the self hosted but only because with the self hosted you can add in everything you want.

  3. I had a huge long post in here and it said it was published and is gone....did you delete it by chance??

    Anyway the point I was making was the blogger does not like people subscribing, commenting or trying to be part of your bloglife....perfect example by my commenting disappearing.

    Wordpress I have never had an issue with.

    1. I did not delete it dear :) I actually never delete comments :S

      Hmmm something to think about then. I'm pretty sure I will be making the switch.

    2. I didn't think you had, but blogger really gets my goat - I have lost soo many comments on blogs because of blogger just not wanting to co-operate - and like Flamidwyfe below, I don't comment as much as I would like a some blogs because it takes longer to get the comment up on the blog than it does to actually type the comment in the first place :)

      Also I can't leave comments on blogs if they don't have the name/url option available anymore since I am no longer hosted on WP. Which is a pain in the butt :)

  4. What Melliee said. I often don't leave comments because of how difficult it is. I'm glad to see so many people switching to WP.

  5. I like wordpress. I actually was going to start my blog with blogger first but when I tried to sign up it was all in chinese, so I gave up and googled for a blog site and found wordpress! Its good that you can 'like' a blog too to show your appreciation even if you dont want to leave a comment.