Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Still Moved, Please Visit Other Blog ;)

Hey you guys! Just wanted to make sure anyone directed to this page is aware, I am no longer blogging on this website! I have moved!

My New Blog

I did indeed end up being featured on the Dukan website HERE so that's exciting. I am still bodybuilding and posting daily on my new blog. I will answer any questions directed there or e-mailed to me at


Thanks and have a great day! xoxo

Friday, 15 June 2012

Well, Goodbye Blogger! Farewell!

I made the change! Come check out my new blog:


Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side, closing the Dukan Dietress chapter and continuing on my journey with so much more to offer than information and experiences on the Dukan Diet.

Fitness, nutrition, general health.

Always here to answer any questions, check out the new blog, let me know what you think.

Love, always

-The Blogger Formerly Known As DukanDietress...



Thursday, 14 June 2012

I’m Feeling All Sorts Of Famous (A Positive Post, Promise)

I’m feeling swamped with negativity lately, and yet, there are good things happening all around me, and happening to me. Can’t be bogged down by past mistakes, and last weekend IS the past, no? So let’s reflect on some positives.

A cool story to start this post, so my mom went to a "Women In Business" class-thing downtown earlier this week. It’s about a solid hour away from my parents house. Anyways, so she is sitting next to this lady who she overhears mention ‘carbs’. On the break my mom asked this lady if she was counting her carbs or following some sort of diet. The woman explained to her the Dukan Diet and my mom wrote out ‘Dukan Dietress’ on the ladies notepad telling her to check out my blog.

Well wouldn’t you believe it the woman explained that she had already visited and read my posts and was super impressed that my mom was well, my mom. I feel so famous! :D How exciting!

Otherwise the Dukan Diet has finally contacted me in terms of my Ambassadorship with them. I need to re-submit my success story so they can put in on the site. Feels like FOREVER since I was accepted.

Apparently there are a number of Canadian media opportunities available now so I’ll be re-submitting my story with a few tweaks.

I’ll let you know how that works out, and of course, once my testimonial makes it to the Dukan website!
I will also be attending my first bodybuilding show on Saturday. I will finally get to see in person what I have signed myself up for. I’ll post pictures. I’m pretty pumped for my extremely long day, really excited to support those ladies and watch them pose, take notes, etc. This is the only competition I will be watching before mine so I really need to focus.

Also, my Personal Trainer is one of the judges! So I will be discussing everything I see with him after the show, that’s also pretty exciting. I don’t think I will be able to sleep Friday. Too pumped!

I have been doing really well with my work outs since the weekend of terror. Been consistently going, upped all my weights. I hope to post a chart of my progress here so you guys can see, it’s pretty cool. I started off almost 3 weeks ago doing leg presses 3 sets of 10 reps at 80 lbs and now I’m up to 160 lbs! Just an example of my progress, it’s not so impressive for some of my weaker body parts lol.

So that’s that. A little positive energy in the blog-universe. Hope everyone is having a great day, good things are coming my way I can feel it! Be happy and positive today. If I can spring back from my absolutely terrible experience last weekend you can do anything!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Justifying Cheating

I would like to start off by thanking all the sweeties who supported me through my last blog post. You guys rock. Yes, it is hard to admit when you cheat, considering I haven’t done something like this before. I went out of control. It was great to see that I am not the only one who has had a binge-fest happen to me. I’m bad, I know I have a problem, let’s move on and see if we can prevent this from happening again, shall we?

Because it’s true, I didn’t gain any satisfaction from my actions. I don’t feel better now, or like I subdued future cravings. In fact, I feel like absolute shit about the entire weekend. I feel not only disappointed in my lack of willpower and like I took several steps back in terms of my bodybuilding training, but I feel the cravings on FULL FORCE, and now I have to use 3x the willpower to deny them. Just awful.

Nothing positive came out of my binge, in fact, I didn’t find ANY of what I ate super-incredibly-tasty. I didn’t miss any food enough to sit here now and think, well man, I really needed that Chinese food. Nope. I didn’t. Now what got me to cheat like I did in the first place, and then to spiral out of control?

Justifying my actions to myself.

I used every excuse I could think of to push me towards cheating.
  • I have been doing so well with my diet lately, I deserve this.
  • I have been working out so hard lately, I deserve a break.
  • My personal trainer told me not to miss out on any moments because of the dieting, my Dukan Anniversary is a moment to celebrate, so I should go out and cheat.
  • Every other bodybuilder has a cheat meal a week, I haven’t been so I can cheat now and it equals out one cheat meal a week.
  • I will get back to it twice as hard when I’m done cheating.
  • I will workout twice tomorrow to make it ok that I’m not working out today.
  • Carbs are energy and fill out your muscles, so cheating is good for my muscle growth.
  • I have been missing nutrients in certain foods because of the diet so this is supercharging me with nutrients.
  • This is shocking my system and making it so any efforts I put in the future will be doubled. Making it so my body doesn’t get used to my training and my efforts get stagnant.
  • I wont have another of these until November… ok September, so this is okay.
  • I have already cheated this much already, so a few more cheats wont do any more harm than is already done.
  • I should allow myself to indulge.
  • My training focus should be on working out, not diet, doesn’t matter what I eat, the muscle growth I have made wont diminish because of cheating.
  • People eat like this all the time.
  • All the calories I ate will just promote muscle growth.
  • I wont feel guilty tomorrow, I will get right back to it and just forget this weekend.
  • No regretting these decisions, I own them and I wont feel badly.
So you see, all these things made it ok in my mind to have my giant-binge eating weekend. But guess what, I am too embarrassed to tell my personal trainer, I am too embarrassed to tell anyone really. I want to get my emotions off my chest but I feel like I failed myself.

Especially since before I even had that first bite of sushi I told myself it would be so easy to just forget about cheating, go home and make a delicious meal. Better on my wallet, and I would be more successful to myself, I would not regret going home and making pork tenderloin as a treat… I should have listened to myself while I was being rational.

So STOP! You! Yes you! The one justifying to herself that tomorrow you will just work harder, that tomorrow you wont remember cheating, that you want this now or whatever you are saying to rationalise to yourself that what you are about to do is ok…

You will never regret going to the gym.

You will never regret not cheating.

You will never sit at home with your Dukan-friendly meal thinking to yourself, man, if I had bought that chocolate bar and chomped it down in the car on my way here… I would be feeling so much better about myself.

So there is no need to cheat, no need to binge (You never think before the binge that it will turn into a binge…) no need to justify it to yourself because deep down you know it’s a mistake and the wrong decision.

Be strong you guys!

Also, as a side-note. It is so difficult not cheating right now… I keep seeing ice cream in the freezer, I smell doughnuts, baegals, my tummy is just craving them. Damn carbs, being so addictive.

Seriously I mean it though, NO CHEATING UNTIL SEPTEMBER (for my birthday) Come on now, I can do it! I don’t want to feel this shitty again! Gotta be strong.

It’s so hard though. : (

Make good choices!


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Eating Disorder, the First Of Many Posts

Well then, good day to all of you!

Most of you are aware that my Dukan Anniversary was on Sunday. We made it! A full year since we decided to follow the Dukan Diet! I can’t believe it, it is all so unreal.

So of course, we made a decision (well… I made a decision and Prawn went along with it) with regards to how we should celebrate.

At first it was an innocent decision, nothing major, Prawn LOVES sushi and hadn’t been in a year. I had gone twice when I was having Celebration Meals and he was always jealous and upset, so I decided to surprise him and have both of us cheat on our diets, and go out for sushi to celebrate our ‘Dukan Anniversary’.

Well… of course, what started off as going out for sushi Saturday night turned into a nightmare, a huge whirlwind of cheating, bad food decisions, an entire weekend of blowing our diets out of the water which ended in Prawn being sick and both of us feeling such guilt and disappointment in ourselves.


So, both of us definitely have an eating disorder, this has become so obvious to us after this weekend. I don’t think we could ever go back to eating normally because after seeing all the bad decisions we made this weekend… I’m surprised we even managed to lose the weight in the first place.

Because I feel that I need to come clean about it (I’m embarrassed, so so embarrassed…) here is a quick synopsis of my terrible weekend:

Saturday morning I ate well, I went to a total muscle conditioning class, one hour. I struggled in justifying the sushi date to myself (I can imagine the next 2-3 of my posts will be on this topic, the justification process) then decided to go out for sushi, then went out for a McFlurry, then a Cinnabon, then popcorn and chocolate at the movies, and a diet coke.

Ice cream, ice cream cone, bananas and blueberries when I got home (a couple bowls) as well as a bowl of cereal (which I really really missed while dieting…)

The next day had two pogos for breakfast, then we were going to go out for pizza for lunch but the place we wanted to go was closed, so instead of going home and making something or going someplace else for pizza, we went out for Chinese food. It was good but we didn’t really want Chinese food you know? We just kindof went and got no satisfaction from it.

Then a couple bowls of ice cream during the day and for dinner we went out for burgers, poutine, shakes, and onion rings. I could barely eat a bite of the burger and only had a handful of the fries in the poutine before feeling so full I couldn’t bare to eat another bite. Threw out the rest, what a waste of money.

So you see? It just exploded. What a terrible, terrible weekend (food-wise). I am disappointed in myself but am moving forward, starting with eating very well yesterday as well as today, no cheating, not even a bite.

I’m trying to not let last weekend affect my dieting as of Monday. It’s over, move on, no more excuses. Clean eating until November with maybe only one more cheat day before competition, the cheat day being my birthday in September.

It’s just not worth having another binge-eating weekend or day. I don’t feel any better, none of the food I ate satisfied me in any way, I don’t feel better having done it, I feel worse.

So that’s that. Like I said, you can expect a whole slew of posts on justification, cheating, binge eating, reflections on my year spent following the Dukan Diet, all sorts of treats for you in the future, based on this new experience with the diet.

I have started working on a wordpress blog… just trying it out. I will let you all know when it’s ready for you and will continue posting here in the mean time.

Just wanted to update you all on how bad I was this weekend, but also to let you know that even though this weekend was just, absolutely eye opening and terrible food-wise, I’m right back on the wagon. No easing back into it, just cut out all cheating, and move on, which is what you have to do when something like this happens, no use sulking about it, acknowledge it, and move forward.

Stay strong you guys! Man, this has been hard to admit to… but I feel the need to admit my obvious problem here, and work through it using this blog and maybe help anyone suffering from similar issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one with an uncontrollable overeating problem that has clearly not been solved by following Dukan for over a year now...


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another Before & After Shot, Prawn (Full Body)

Before bed, here is another full body shot. Congratulations Prawn! :)


New Before & After Picture, Prawn

Today is our year on Dukan Anniversary! :) There are so many things I want to tell you guys about this weekend... lots of things happening, lots of new things regarding this blog.

Instead however, since today is our anniversary (Woohoo! We made it a year!) I want to share a before and after pictures with you, here is the Prawn!

Enjoy! Have a great day!

We lost 225lbs combined in the past year! I can't believe it!